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04/16/2006: "What gives?"

Well, the non-stop painting continues. I know I've bitched about this before (many many times) but as much as I prefer life the way it is right now, one can't go on painting in every spare minute of the day and night without other areas of life starting to show signs of neglect.

For example, I had been eating really healthy for months, actually cooking meals with lots of lean meat and veggies and drinking green tea instead of coffee... but now I've fallen back into my rut of eating take-away chinese and pizza and drinking gallons of coffee. Physically I feel like total crap, not getting enough sleep, crashing on the couch, waking up with a sore back and starting painting again after eating another slice of cold pizza with my first cup of the day.

Not to mention my house which is a total pig pen. I'm always telling friends to stop by if they're in the neighborhood (which normally I love) but the last couple of people who've stopped by I've stood with them out on the porch refusing to let in because A. I'm painting and B. My house is an embarassment.

I did manage to get my tax info turned in to the guy who does them for me (thanks Ed!) but I have so many more committments I'm behind in, getting paintings and prints mailed, washing some laundry, paying some bills (some of which I've put off for several months), ugh, now that I think of it, I should probably start a list...and yet, the painting on my easle is tempting me...come on Elise, it's not going to hurt you to just pick up the brush for a minute or two. One more minute, that's all...

woman-above-the-mendenhall-glacier (77k image)

cat-stalking-prey-southeast-alaska-wetlands (40k image)

wetlands-southeast-alaska-pink-cloud (37k image)

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on Sunday, April 16th, greg said

Hey these look super great! Quit yer gripin' and keep painting! Your later success will forgive the guilt (Just brush yer teeth at least!) :D

mmm ... is it possible my blog was hacked and deleted? Does this ever happen? :confused:

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Oh yah, brush my teeth! I knew I was forgetting something else. I'm not *really* gripin', I love painting it's just I don't like some of the fallout from it.

Anyway, I can't link to your blog, I'm not sure why or what has happened. I've tried linking from your hyperlinked name, as well as from the link I created to your blog in my sidebar and it's coming up "done" but the page is blank. Same if I try to access it through a google search. If it was deleted I think you'd get the 404 file not found message thought... I don't know about the hacking thing so I'm afraid I'm not much help.
Good luck and let me know when you're back in action. I'd contact "word press"

on Sunday, April 16th, Judy Vars said

I've just been chillin since teaching in Whittier read my blog if you're interested. Thanks for linking me up to your blog. I'm so glad you're being so productive. Try taking a walk and meditating a few times a day. I love my good advise now I need to take some of it. :)

on Sunday, April 16th, holly said

I need that black kitty painting. Vlad and Clive and Kensington said I could have it...

I...uh...used your work in the writing assignment for the class I'm teaching. I'll post details on my blog soon. You left Picasso in a trail of dust, I'll tell you that much. :D

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Hi Judy, I will stop by your blog and see what you've been up to...whittier eh? I haven't been there since they built the road through the mountain.

And Holy, I take it Vlad (I had a friend named Vlad from Romania) Clive and Kensington are black kitties, is one of them sitting on your bed in the photo of the prints you sent me? Very beautiful cat!

Oh, and I think that's very cool that you, uh, used my work in a writing assignment! (I think)
Can't wait to hear more about it!

on Sunday, April 16th, holly said

They are indeed black kitties. And that was Vlad on the bed. He's a camera whore.

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Vlad is such an awesome name for a black cat!

on Sunday, April 16th,">dad said

is that 3rd picture down my WOLF painting or one of your cats lov dad

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

You're joking right dad? But don't worry, I'll do your painting, I'm just waiting for the wolf muse to bite me.
I love you!!!