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04/19/2006: "Down for repairs"

Here's a really bad photo of one of the other dancing paintings I worked on over the weekend. (it looks better in real life!)

dirty-dancing-painting-in-the-mountains (55k image)

The next two are small landscapes that I did and later I added in the two cats. I have hang ups, I don't know where they come from, but I always feel weird about painting cats, that there's something cheesy or wrong about it, but the truth is, I don't like just landscapes without figures, I find them boring. And my two cats are my two best friends so if I want to paint cats from time to time I'm going to do it damn it!

sleeping-orange-cat-painting-wetlands-juneau-alaska (34k image)

painting-stripped-cat-juneau-alaska-wetlands (34k image)

I feel a bit anxious cuz I haven't been able to paint for the past couple of days because of a physical limitation I'm hoping will clear up on it's own soon. When I paint too much I have flare ups, like with arthritis, headaches, and other problems... and have to give myself a break, sleep, eat healthy food, etc. to get back on track. I'm running out of time and I'm still not sure which pieces I want in the show. Right now I have the luxury of having almost two times too many paintings for the space...yet, I have quite a few that I want in the show that need boring work done...eyes and hands fixed, stuff like that...and Rob needs photos for publicity...ack!

Replies: 2 Comments

on Thursday, April 20th, holly said

Aw, the first kitty looks like my Thom.

on Thursday, April 20th, Elise said

Beautiful Thom...sniff

Anyway, they aren't finished yet, that's why kitty number two looks transparent!