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04/21/2006: "How to Arrange Artwork on Gallery Walls with PhotoShop"

For those of you who don't want to know the details, you can click here to see how I plan to hang the show....all feedback welcome!

I created a new photoshop document for every wall in the gallery where I'm going to exhibit. I tried to estimate their lengths, though if you are mathmatically inclined you could figure it out to actual scale.

Next I took digital photos of each painting I'm going to hang. I resized each image so they are approximately to scale. Next I changed the background color to black and increased the *canvas* size of each image by the same amount (20 pixals) so they appear to have a black frame. Then I just drag and dropped them around in various groupings on the various fake walls until I got pieces that kind of worked together. I'm not sure that all of the images I've crammed into the following Gallery Wall Mock-ups will fit so I still have to do some serious editing (and remember, most of these piecese aren't finished yet).

I'd love feedback...positive or negative. If you don't think certain ones look good next to each other, etc. let me know...Also, if you had to pick ones you think I should keep no matter what, or ones that I should cut if I have to, let me know. I have a feeling this is still very optimistic in terms of fitting in the space, I'll probably have to cut many more so getting a feel for which pieces are the strongest would be helpful.

The largest sized ones in the mock-ups are 18x24 and I plan to price at $400 framed. Next smallest size is 16X20 priced at $300 framed. Then there are 9x11s, a 12x12, an 8x8, and a couple 8x10s, ranging from $200-125. Thoughts? Ideas? Speak now or forever listen to me bitch after the fact!

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on Friday, April 21st, Kasia said

The galleries are absolutely amazing! all of them! You are a genius:)
And I loved the pictures with cats:)

on Saturday, April 22nd, ann said

I like it. I think you've done a nice job of grouping the paintings. The only problem is that I already see more than one I'd like to buy... but that is more a problem of my relative lack of funds... it has nothing to do with your art!

Are you still thinking of doing the pre-opening-opening? I loved that idea.

on Saturday, April 22nd, Elise said

Thanks Kasia! Seriously though, people will start to think I'm paying you or something!
And Ann, I'm not sure about the pre-opening opening...the owner of the gallery is having an opening at another gallery on First Friday and they think it would be too much to try and have a pre-opening thursday and 2 openings on Friday. I tend to agree, but I hope that you can still make it Friday night. I'll send you an invitation. Maybe I can get Brian's address so I can mail him one two...oh...and I'd like to invite Rick and Ryan as well...and Kate of course...ok, I don't have to go through my entire mailing list but you get the picture.

on Saturday, April 22nd, Howard said

Elise, these look amazing! Good luck with your show.

on Saturday, April 22nd, holly said

Wait. Are you saying you're going to sell *paintings* for $400 (etc) a pop, framed? That's an incredible price! I paid that for a framed 6 x 9 inch pastel by Jim Andrews a few years ago. You've certainly got them priced to sell-- I'm very glad you're not here, because I'd need to buy several.

In all seriousness, size/ price of the one that looks like my Thom is?

on Saturday, April 22nd, ELise said

Hi Howard, thanks! I still have until May 5th to get everything finished but I feel like I'm making good progress and I'm not nearly as stressed out as I normally get. I think it's because I'm really happy with these paintings and I feel confident enough that they're good, that I won't take it as personally if things don't sell.

Which brings me to your question Holly, actually I've been told that I'm "devaluing" my work blah blah blah but I like that it's more affordable and my prices are going up very gradually.

The Thom one is 8x10, oil on wood panel, and would be $150 (framed) but since you are a collector, you'd get the 10% collector discount (or free shipping).

If it's still available after the show I'd make you an offer you couldn't refuse!

on Saturday, April 22nd, Elise said

btw, I really like Jim Andrew's work, it's very moody.

on Saturday, April 22nd, greg said

I thought I might say something like, you should go up at least 50 bucks ... but I won't ... or just did :O

on Saturday, April 22nd, Elise said

I used to hate pricing because I'd try to base it on how long I'd spent on it, how much I liked the finished piece, and somewhat on size...but it was too much of a pain, now I base them roughly on the pricing structure I use for commissions, plus the actual price of the frame.

on Sunday, April 23rd, Kasia said

:laugh:Yeah right - sure you are paying me! :laugh:

I have a question - do you remember those two photos of Alaska you sent me some time ago? May i use them as wallpapers for my firm We are about to present some mountain pictures and those two are really beautiful.

on Sunday, April 23rd, berry bowman connell said

Are ya kiddin me? Are we both having shows at the same time? I posted my "walls" on m'blog, but, to be sure, I'm not asking as much as you for the things.
Dang! I'm just too darned "hungry" to ask what I should.
Oh well.
Hey! Good Luck, gal! Hope ya do well!

on Sunday, April 23rd, berry bowman connell said

I like the landscapes and the cats the best!

on Sunday, April 23rd, Elise said

Hi Berry, I left some longer comments on your site, just wanted to wish you luck on your opening, is it on Cinco de mayo?

Also, thanks for your opinion on the pieces I posted!

on Sunday, April 23rd, Elise said

Hey Kasia, feel free to use those photos in your presentation in you like!

on Sunday, April 23rd,">Judy Vars said
I googled myself and found this. Do you know what it is?

on Monday, April 24th, Elise said

Hi Judy, it's on online game where people trade shares in blogs like shares in the stock market. I'm not 100% sure how it works though.

on Wednesday, April 26th, Jackie said

E: That is cool - I've never thought about laying out the pieces for a show using Photoshop! Of course, when we had the gallery in Kodiak, I didn't have PHotoshop...what a cool tool! And I love the way you are going to hang your work. Knock 'em dead! :laugh:

on Wednesday, April 26th, Elise said

Once you've done it once you'll realize how easy it is! And really helpful too.