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04/29/2006: "Effects of Pre-Slaughter Stress or: why I wouldn't taste very good!"

Periodically I like to Google myself (Dirty!) and usually find complimentary comments but sometimes not…on the Concept Art forum someone posted my site as a good example of an artist’s portfolio (other than it being: a little too "personal diary") but then a discussion ensued about why this other guy’s Flash site was better. Here’s my favorite observation: “As soon as the first site loaded I clicked off... navigation doesn't mean a thing if the design that comes with it looks like ass.”

My site *is* simple but I’d hardly say it looks like ass! For whatever reason, has been chosen a lot as an example for web design critique and debate; it's so vanilla I have to wonder why? More importantly, why the hell do I even give a shit? OK, if a page won't load properly in FireFox, I care...but why do I get all flustered because some kids who design video game characters don't like my page layout?

Probably because I start to get even more on edge than usual right before a show...which reminds me, I read a great article in this month's Harpers called "Swine of the Times: The making of the modern pig" about America's pork industry: genetically engineered pigs have a propensity to get overly stressed out which causes lactic acid to develop in the muscle tissue which produces pale, soft, exudative (PSE) pork (where meat is spongy, pale mush that doesn't taste very good) sound familiar? Anyway, the article has made me seriously consider taking up yoga and becoming a vegetarian again.

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on Sunday, April 30th, Kasia said

Pork ..arrrgh...
I also was a vegetarian (for 3 years.) And I am considering getting back to this diet, too!

on Sunday, April 30th, Kasia said

Oh, there is an audio post for you: )and for Rob)
Now if you get nervous - you can say -"spoko" or "zajebisty dzień" - instead of "Be cool, Elise."

on Sunday, April 30th, Elise said

Hey Kasia,
thanks for the audio post, I meant to tell you that my microphone is broken, I'll get a new one in a week or two, but for the time being I can do the voice over IP thing.

what's the word for lame (or the opposite of cool)?

on Sunday, April 30th, berry bowman connell said

Near as I could tell, a third sold. Have no idea what that means in actual currency, but, at this point, anything's fine with me.
As for the pork....dang! Ya got the mad cow stuff with the cows, avian flu with the chickens, mercury poisonning with fish and now yer talking about the pigs and such. Yes mam. I do believe yer right about becoming a vegetarian.

'Course, it reminds me of an old song, "how ya gonna keep them down on the farm?...."

Cause how in the world are we supposed to forget the taste of the perfect egg sandwich (Spanglish) ?

Dang! I feel like Homer in the Simpsons. MMMMmmm Bacon....aaauuurrrggghhh.

on Sunday, April 30th, Judy Vars said

Hi Elise,
I'm sending you good vibes for your show and to quote a very wise and mature person:
I paint because I love to do it more than anything else in my life, and I want people to see the results of all that hard work. To see why I couldn't go to the movies, or out for drinks...and I know some people absolutely love the work but just can’t afford to buy. So how do we gage success then? By the number of people who attend? By the number of complimentary comments in the guest book?

on Sunday, April 30th, Elise said

A third eh? That's excellent! And yes, MMMMmmm Bacon...aaauuurrrgghh!

I am against the idea of eating animals but on the other hand, I grew up in Nebraska during the days of the small locally owned farms and ranches, when animals were allowed to roam free and had good lives. I remember helping out on my friend Lucinda's dairy farm and we had to mix grains *individually* for each milk cow because they all had different dietary needs. Now, on many of these giant agribusiness conglomerates, if an animal gets ill or doesn't "thrive" they just kill them because it's such a volumn business.

For awhile now I've been mostly buying from small "free roam" farms on the west coast (like Foster Farms) that don't use antibiotics or hormones etc. It's a lot more expensive and not as good as giving up meat altogether but at least a way to not support these huge meat factories that treat animals in a completely inhumane ways, keeping them penned in areas so small they can't even turn around for their entire the taste is 100% better. It's so depressing and easier to just not think about, but that doesn't change the fact that it's happening!

Oh, and thanks Judy, I've never had anyone quote me before!

on Sunday, April 30th, RB said

"As soon as the first site loaded I clicked off"

Without reading a single word? So, the content of a website doesn't matter to this person? All I can say to that is... good riddance.

on Monday, May 1st, Elise said

Thanks RB, my sentiments exactly!

on Monday, May 1st, stephanie said

your website is fine but you might want to rethink using "multimedia artist " or accept that someone expecting technology would be inclined to click off and it's really not personal

on Monday, May 1st, Elise said

Hi Stephanie, that's an excellent point. When I first set up this website it was shortly after getting my business license and I was doing a lot of video and web stuff at the time, probably more than painting even. I was a member of a local group making short films called “Hidden Alien Productions” and was in the process of buying some equipment and software for that and wanted to be able to include it in my business write offs so I thought of “multimedia”…but it has been a couple years and I mostly paint now so the name is no longer accurate. I had forgotten all about that, thanks for the reminder…next time I renew my business license I’ll get that fixed.

on Tuesday, May 2nd, holly said

Now, right before I read this entry, I was just browsing your site looking for your RL address for my postcard list and (seriously) said to myself, "God, I love her design." Your site is so functional and attractive ("pretty" implies fou-fou). I come here for the content, not Flash and bang.

on Tuesday, May 2nd, Elise said

aw, you're just saying that! (but I appreciate it) did you find my address? I just sent you a postcard to the school address, will you get it?

on Tuesday, May 2nd, holly said

It's the truth, I swear! It's that functional librarian side of me coming out.

I found your address on the mailing tube for my prints, so you're on the list. Anything going to the school will find its way to me. I love postcards!

on Tuesday, May 2nd, Elise said

Cool, the gallery guy made up the post cards this time and he used multiple images so guess which one is on your card?

on Tuesday, May 2nd, holly said

Ms. Cinnamon-Bun Head? :D

on Tuesday, May 2nd, Elise said

No, I haven't used that image for anything... it's the Thom painting!