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05/01/2006: "Those were the days..."

I can't wait to see this! Watch the trailer, if you went to art school I guarantee you'll laugh out loud...

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on Tuesday, May 2nd, berry bowman connell said

OK, well, I couldn't get the darned 'puter to track the movie trailer from where y'sent it, but, as netflix runs trailers, I thought I'de give it a try and, voilla!

Yes. My ass is now on the floor.

And, yes. I put it in the queue. though it won't actually come out for a bit....

I did art school, but, it was commercial art, at Indiana/Purdue Fort Wayne (Indiana) and, to give ya an idea of how extraordinarily good it was, let me give you the question and answer that pretty much says it all....
The question came from a second year student, " Which do you think is more important to study? Photography, lithography or computer?"
To which the dean of the commercial art school answered, "Definately photography. Then, maybe lithography. But, computer training will get you no place at all without a good understanding of design."

So, needless to say, the 1986 class came out with absolutely no computer training or skills whatsoever.
And, gosh, aren't I lucky? That was when I graduated....
Y'know, I fully understood what he said then, and actually have a pretty good idea of what he meant, but, dang! After graduating, I went down to Indianapolis and applied at every major commercial art job availiablr (216 of them...) and every flipping one of tem asked two questions....
Do you have computer training?
Do you have any computer experience?

Twenty years later, I can perform miracles with m'Corel photo shop 7, but, even so, most places want y't'know quark x and Adobe photoshop and dang, it took a major chunk of change t'get the corel.

Meanwhile, here i sit trying t'make m'living from fine art.
win some, lose some.

on Tuesday, May 2nd, Elise said

On the other hand, there were all of these graphic designers who were whiz bang on the computer but had no sense of design, so I guess it takes both. And as far as Quark and PhotoShop go, you should go for it! Buy them with all the booty from your recent exhibit, you won't regret it!

on Thursday, May 4th, berry bowman connell said

funny ya should mention it, the booty went t'pay fer the financial aid.

on Thursday, May 4th, Dio said

Hot damn! You were right, I did LOL...

Although I'm not much into Danial Clowes, it looks like a good film. :)

on Thursday, May 4th, Elise said

Hey Berry, just be thankful for the booty I guess...

And Dio, yes, I hope it will be as good as it looks!