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05/06/2006: "My party's not over yet!"

Years ago I threw a huge party and at 3 or 4 am, after everyone had (mostly) left and I'd gone to sleep, one of my roommates (Carey) went running through the apartment blitzed out, repeatedly yelling "MY PARTY'S NOT OVER YET!"... (Remember that Rod?).

Thatís how Iím feeling now. The opening was actually *fun*; there was a large turn out and I got to see friends I havenít seen in awhile and afterwards I went out and heard some live music with Pagan and Rob (who had his opening the same night at the JAHC looks *amazing*). But then, well, this is what it's probably like for most artists: you put all your energy into your work and then you put it on display, it looks pretty good and people come and see itÖtell you how brilliant you are and you (hopefully) sell a little, then you go out for a celebratory drink and then itís over and youíre not sure what to do with yourself.

This afternoon I kept the gallery open for several hours and it was nice because people continued to trickle in and I had some more ďin-depthĒ conversations about the work and so it sort of extended the exhibition induced high a little, but tonight I've been just been lying on the couch immobile. (Sorry dad, I was home when you called but I was too tired to answer the phone) Truth be told, I feel a little sick; I need a break from painting but now I don't know what to do, it's only been a few hours and I'm already bored out of my mind!

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on Saturday, May 6th, Kasia said

I know the feeling - after months of hard work a sudden break makes you feel ..empty. But don't worry. After a few days you will be able to enjoy those moments of sweet laziness.

on Sunday, May 7th, holly said

And you were worried no one would come. Congrats on what sounds like a terrific show!

on Sunday, May 7th, elaine said

Hi Elise! Congratulations for your success! I remember that after my 1rst show I was feeling happy/empty a bit like after giving birth: work done...ok....but what's next?
Do you know Saatchi Gallery?
If you go on my homepage you can from there log on "your gallery" and show your work for free. Have a nice lazy day Elise...

on Sunday, May 7th, Elise said

Thanks guys, I'm sure you guys are right, this happens after every show.

I think part of it is the weather we've been having. Cold, rainy, even snow in the past week or so. I think as soon as the "summer" weather starts I'll find more things to keep me busy besides being in the studio all day.

on Monday, May 8th, RR said

Fantastic! Congratulations on what I know must have been a wow of a show. Well done.

on Monday, May 8th, leahpeah said

elise, we should do an artist exchange program where after extremely serious openings we get rid of the stress and blahs by traveling to parts of the world and hanging out to just take photos and talk. you go first!

on Monday, May 8th, Elise said

Hey, sounds great Leahpeah, now I just need to find a host family!

on Tuesday, May 9th,">Jackie said

E: How about artists exchanging their places of residence for a short period? Hmmm...not that I could afford to do that. But it's kind of an idea. Especially if someone lived really neat like Alaska or Italy! :laugh:

on Tuesday, May 9th, Elise said

oooh, or Scotland, Wales, Poland or France!

Sign me up!

on Wednesday, May 10th, greg said

Sounds like a great fun time! Soak up the positives and think about what you learned and move ahead!! Rest is good - take a break and maybe go sailing. Just don't succumb to the rockstar compensation route of drugs and groupies to come down off a good show ... well mebbe an occasional groupie ... :cool:

on Wednesday, May 10th, Elise said

I wonder if groupies charge by the hour?