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05/13/2006: "Salmon tastes good!"

I haven't written in awhile, I worked in the gallery this afternoon and I think I prefer it to openings. Fewer people trickle in but they stay longer and I'm not such a spazz. I met a really cool woman who said she wants to buy the fiddlehead painting if it doesn't sell by the end of the show and left her contact info (hurrah!) also met one of the plein rein painters, they meet every saturday and go out somewhere new to paint. I want to join them but I get so shy.

Anyway, I've been looking at a ton of artist websites (layouts and designs etc.) for a possible redesign of my site. I like the idea of using different style sheets for different parts of my site, so the navigation stays consistent but they don't all have to look the same. Here's my most recent attempt. It has mostly dead links, I don't make it functional until I've picked a final design. I only end up using 5% of what I throw together but I just *love* making web pages!

Oh, and I got a nice email from the president of the Alaska Women's Network today, they are using one of my images on their homepage...the email made me feel really good.

What else? Oh, it finally feels like summer here. Up until yesterday we've been having winter weather, but it turned beautiful overnight. Last night my neighbor brought me over a big bag of salmon fillets that he had caught only a few hours earlier. I *love* this time of year in Alaska!

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on Sunday, May 14th, Kasia said

Fresh salmons??? Oh, I am hungry!!!!

on Sunday, May 14th, greg said

Sorry to hear about the arthritis, but nice to hear yo're enjoying time spent in the gallery.

You might like this. I found these great videos on Seattle artists in their studios:
down at the bottom is my old teacher Bill (William E.) Elston

His landscapes and city scapes are scrumptious!

on Sunday, May 14th, greg said

oh website feedback: I think it looks reaaallly great! I like the colors, the static decor images, and the thumbnail menu. I like the font for the menu ... but not so much for your name. Thinking about a custom logo banner image maybe?

on Sunday, May 14th, holly said

Ooohhh! I really like the new look. You might want to consider what images you use though, because although they sure don't bother me, someone is bound to send you a nasty email complaining about boobies on the front page not being safe for work. I love looking at web redesigns!

I'm off to bed. Got a plane to catch...

on Sunday, May 14th, Elise said

Hey Kasia, too bad there isn't an easy way to send fresh salmon from Alaska to Poland! I guess you'll just have to visit here.
And Greg, thanks for the feedback, custom banner image? What do you mean by that...would it have my name or just an image..or is it the font you don't like...more info please!

And Holly, wow, a plane to catch already? Have a wonderful time in France...oh, and I never thought about the boobie factor. I'll take that into consideration, I'm a loooong ways from finishing.

on Monday, May 15th, Kasia said

I'd love to one day:)

on Monday, May 15th, Jackie said

E: Love the new 'test' page! I'm certainly not offended by the nudes - but am always worried that when I'm reading your blog at work, the wrong person will come along and see the 'boobies' as Holly puts it - on my screen! But it's a great look overall - and as soon as I'm done with the work for my art show, I'm going to start on my gallery website!

MMMMM...salmon! Was it red salmon or king? I am soooo homesick right now for fresh reds, pan-fried with sauteed onions...boiled new potatoes :P

on Monday, May 15th, Elise said

cool kasia, I'll keep the light on for you!

And Jackie, I guess that thought never even crossed my mind but I'll have to think about that. hmmm

Oh, and I'm not sure what kind of salmon it was, but they just caught it, so I'm thinking Spring King...

sauteed oinons and boiled new potatoes...that sounds great, I'll have to try it out!

on Monday, May 15th, Judy Vars said

I like the one with the cinnamon roll she has lovely leg.

on Tuesday, May 16th, Elise said

Thanks Judy, I like her leg too, I didn't end up putting that one in the show though.

on Tuesday, May 16th, greg said

ooohh man ...all this talk about salmon making muh mouth water!

Okay, a custom banner might include a rendered unique font with your name, or whatever, perhaps combining an image of decor, logo, or a painting in the backgnd.

IOW its a composite of what you'd like to display on one file. The font can be a crazy as you want!

What I didn't like about the font you used for your name, it looked like a retro, early 60's style. It worked small for the menu items, but it gave a "feel" I wouldn't associate with your work & style. Fonts can be weird at different point sizes & styles (i.e. bold)- some actually change in mood.

on Wednesday, May 17th, ann said

I like the new design :)