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05/21/2006: "I may have a sunburn (warning, diary-ish entry)"

This weekend was perfect. Friday afternoon I took a walk along the wetland's trail with one of my best friends and we had a wonderful talk that made me feel better about life in general.

That night I worked at the gallery and met more interesting people including a local artist who may want to hire me to design his website! Sat. afternoon I worked at the gallery again, and I sold another print (joy!) which made me feel great. I like being at the gallery because it's right across from Marine Park and there are always characters hanging out there, like this woman playing bongo drums with an amp!

Sat. night I went and saw United 93 with a newish friend...excellent film! Afterward we went out for dinner and stayed out until almost 1am having a great conversation and ran into other mutual friends. Then today, another friend helped me work on my sailboat. Rozinante looks so good now, plus I finally got the main sail up so she's ready to take out. They are getting reading to bring their sailboat up from Vancouver and once it's here, we are going to take both out and go boat camping, which is one of my favorite things ever!

When the weather is beautiful in Juneau, it is the most amazing place on Earth. Tonight my friend and I were scrubbing away but the entire time we were smiling like crazy, so happy to be here!

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on Monday, May 22nd, subi said

hey you, glad things are turning out nice with all the beautiful weather, etc.

miss you! are you planning a suprise visit with Rick or what? I am guessing no :cry: as I HAVEN'T HEARD SO (whoops...not intended emphasis...but it works!) and geesh haven't heard from Rick in like never! :plain:

on Monday, May 22nd, Elise said

Hey Subi!
I've been thinking about you!!! I pulled out the DTD journal from the UK and re-read a lot of it this past weekend...that was such a fun trip. In the front and back were the signs we used for hitch-hiking out of Dublin and Belfast.


Remember playing speed in Tent City?

Anyway, I haven't heard from Rick in awhile either. I'm sorry but there won't be a suprise visit from me anyway. I'm flat broke, it was fun to dream about though.

Maybe next summer.
btw, have you emailed him?

on Monday, May 22nd, Kasia said

At this time of year every place seems to be sooo nice. Even my little ugly town. :)
Is it really warm in Alaska right now? Or maybe the air is still fresh and cold?

on Monday, May 22nd, Elise said

Hey Kasia, everything is getting pretty warm here, though it still gets fairly chilly at night. Over the weekend it got up to 19 degrees Celcius!

on Monday, May 22nd, berry bowman connell said

And, even if'n I could
get up there, this is
where we'de part fer
how ever long yer out
on yer boat, cause I
can't come. No boats
fer me, dang right!
Sharks are out there
just waiting fer me to
forget and mess up and
"come out t'play, berry..."

No way.
Not if you was nekkid and i had a b'zillion jars of paint and all the flippin canvas in the whole flippin world!

on Monday, May 22nd, berry bowman connell said

but, now, if'n ya just
stay docked to the
shore....well. I'll bring
the wine, the paints, the canvas and brushes....

on Monday, May 22nd, Elise said

Hey Berry, I don't think we have any man-eating sharks up here but the water is so cold it will kill you pretty damn fast if you fall in.

As far as me being nekkid goes, I posed (fully clothed) for a classmate who took some polaroids of me when I was in college and he brought the painting back to class for a crit and he'd used his imagination to paint me nude but it looked exactly like me! I am horribly modest and it completely mortified me.

Suffice it to say I won't be modeling for anyone anytime soon.