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06/06/2006: "No clocks"

Let's see, what have I been up to then? A couple days ago I went to the Pu`uhonua o Honaunau (place of refuge) a very amazing historical and spiritual place on the Island. I also went snorkeling at this amazing site where there are absolutely tons of amazing tropical fish and large green sea turtles. I'm going to go back there today I think, because it was so incredible.

Yesterday I took the Saddle Road a *very* rugged road (though it doesn't appear so in these photos) that goes between the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. I took the road to Hilo (rain forest) to see my friend Wendy that I lived with on Oahu. She was doing field research and happened to be on the Big Island for the same week as I, even though she hadn't been here in almost a year! Her area of research is the iiwi bird. It was great seeing her, we went to a bunch of art galleries (many were closed) and generally sat around talking and getting caught up, it was so nice to have someone to talk with, especially an old friend.

Today I can't decide what to do, either go horse back riding through the Waipio Valley, go back to Hapuna Beach, or go hiking in Volcanoes National Park.

On another note, I've always prided myself on needing very little sleep, only I realize now that I've been fooling myself. I have never worn a watch and the hotel I'm staying at doesn't even have alarm clocks in the room so I generally have no idea what time it is. i go to sleep when I get tired and wake up when I don't feel tire any more. I used the TV to figure out what time I've been going to sleep and getting up the last 2 days and realized I've been sleeping around *10* hours a night! But wow, I feel so incredible! How much sleep do the rest of you tend to need? Am i a freak or what?

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on Tuesday, June 6th, holly said

I want to see pictures of large green sea turtles!!!! They have such beautiful eyes.

I'm jealous of your sleeping situation. I would love to sleep 10 hours a night, but if I do that, then I'm completely useless all day (but then, I guess that's the point of a vacation). When all is right and I'm at home, I rock on about 6 hours a night, but I can do with less. If I do more than 8, worthless lump all day.

I'm glad you found someone to talk to. I bet that was a blast!

on Tuesday, June 6th, Daniel said

That's so funny, I quit wearing a watch years ago. It annoys everyone around me, but it keeps me happy!

I thought I was the only one... that's what we get for thinking we're "special".

on Tuesday, June 6th, berry bowman connell said

Sleep is where we go
for strength, not rest,
and it is our own, quiet
place, with no one to
judge us, no one to
dictate to us what we
should or shouldn't do.

If you want rest, you put
on music, pour a bit of
wine, some bread, maybe
some cheese.

But, didn't I hear (read)
you say (write) once
that you started in
Hawaii and worked into
(Idaho. Alaska....)
Anyway, you do realize
that you're tempting
fate t'put ya back in
Hawaii, don't ya?
And I mean, like, wow.
Having to endure Hawaii......

Poor poor girl.....
I'll be sure t'say some
prayers fer ya tonight....

on Tuesday, June 6th,">Jackie said

E: I *need* at least 8 hours of sleep a night to function. But I have been plagued with a sleep disorder - insomnia - and with my work schedule, I'm lucky if I get 6 hours a night. I try to make up for it on weekends. I hate having to get up 'early' (before 9:00) on weekends to do something!
So - I don't think you're wierd! Just lucky!! :laugh:

on Tuesday, June 6th, Judy Vars said

The Today show said most of us are sleep deprived to one degree or another. I feel like I am since every night I fight sleep just like a little kid. Its great that you can get away and just get all the good rest that your body needs. The true meaning of a vacation.

on Tuesday, June 6th, Elise said

Hey Holly! You know, I just realized you're right about sleeping too much and feeling lethargic all day...I just thought it was the sun...they have these heavy duty curtains in the hotel I'm staying at, maybe I'll leave em open tonight so I'll get up a bit earlier (earlier than 8:00am!) but then again, nothing wrong with being lethargic on vacation right?

Of course, after tomorrow i'm here on business so I better snap out of it.

I quit wearing a watch in college when I took it off to help my friend wash her car and her dad ran over it with the lawn mower. it went into a million pieces and I thought it was a sign..every once in a great while I wear one but only because I think it's pretty, it doesn't tell time anymore.

And Berry, I went to school in Hawaii but I wasn't here for very long, i had a chance to take a job here but gave it up so I could return to Alaska (just ended up in a different part of the state)...being, it *is* tempting...

And Jackie, I suffer from insomnia too!!! It was worse when i was a kid, now I have sominex and just knowing I have it takes away a lot of the stress i used to feel that I think is what kept me awake (fear of not being able to sleep)....

Oh, and Judy, i fight sleep too...on the weekend especially, I always want to see how late I can stay up...still feels a little naughty!
:hehe: :laugh:

on Wednesday, June 7th, greg said

I love that place (of refuge). Did you see the nearby "painted church"? We missed it, but it sounds fanatstic!

You know just S. of Kona (15 min?) is this large beautiful beach park with the most incredible, rewarding and EASIEST place to snorkle probably in the world! It's very a very calm enclosed cove, and the fishies LOVE it. Walk out waist high between the rocks with the cheap gear you rent, dip head in and WHATTA show!! ... 'course it only gets better a bit father out. Can't miss it

still, your 3 possibilities sound great and gives me a mild euphoria just imagining.

... next: onto Holly's for the total trip-out experience!! :P :D :laugh:

on Wednesday, June 7th, holly said

You know, I;ve been thinking about the whole not wearing a watch thing. When I'm home, the only thing I need a watch for is when I'm teaching, as the classrooms don't have clocks in them. But as far as day-to-day things, I run on schedule. I've mentioned before I don't use an alarm clock, because my body knows when to get up. I know when it's time to eat, or go to bed, etc.

But here? I never know what time it is. It's still light at 10:00 PM. Everything shuts down from 12 noon to 3:30, so if you want lunch and you forget what time it is and don't make it to the grocery on time, too bad. You go hungry. Places don't serve dinner until 7:00. I'm hungry at 5:00, because this is when I eat at home. Too bad. I sit and watch the watch, because the rhythm of life here is so completely different to me I have to live life according to "their" time instead of "my" time. One of the things I really hate about being here. I can't wait to get home and adapt to my natural rhythm.

on Thursday, June 8th, Kasia said

Oh yes - at least 8! Less- and I feel like shitty.
I don't have a watch, either but there is this crazy leash called mobile phone...urrggh..

on Saturday, June 10th, RR said

Hi Elise, just been catching up with your travels, sounds like you are having a fantastic time. On the sleep thing, I function better on 8hrs a night but do get the odd night of insomnia so often get 3-4hrs. Last weekend I couldn't sleep on Friday night, got about 3 hours sleep and then climbed a munro the next day and was none the worse so I don't think we always need as much as we think. More than 10h and my head feels 'fuzzy' all day.

on Saturday, June 10th, Elise said

Hi again...I'm still here!