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06/10/2006: "Still feeling the Aloha"

Well, I've been staying at the incredilbly mind-blowingly luxurious Fairmont Orchid for my conference and I honestly have no idea how they swung having the conference here. I've never stayed anywhere even remotely as the extent of feeling really uncomfortable at first. I pull up to a cadre of bell hops and vallet parking attendants and I have no idea how to tip and am generally not used to 7 dollar bottles of evian water. Still, it's amazing how quickly I'm adapting to my newly pampered lifestyle and I'm already feeling nostalgic for Hawaii even though I don't go home until tomorrow night.

I am at this very moment paying 21 bucks for an hour of internet, I can't remember the last time I went so long without my fingers touching a key, and the snorkeling has been amazing, greg...I think I've been to the same place you're referring to (on a number of ocassions) and it still blows my mind.

Oh, I haven't been taking photos since coming to the hotel but believe me when I say that it is insanely beautiful even while being a monument to artificiallity. I hate how much I love it...or at least feel guilty about it. Today, more beach activities and tomorrow, finally the horse-back riding in Waipio valley. I'm really looking forward to it.

And, I guess I should mention that the conference I'm here for has been the best I've ever attended. I actually feel exicited about my job again...gasp! So, overall my short time here has been completely renewing of mind and soul. I'm sure I'll have more to say when I can say it from the cheapness of home.

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on Saturday, June 10th, holly said

Wonderful! Glad to hear you're having such a great time-- and at a conference, no less! Have a safe trip home (I bet that's a whopper of a fight!). Looking forward to seeing what pictures you *did* take.

on Sunday, June 11th, holly said

Nobody home?
*pokes around fridge, sniffs paint, wraps content of entire house (except kitties) in aluminum foil, leaves*

on Sunday, June 11th, Kasia said

21 buycks??? Why? Is Intrenet in the US so expenosive?

on Sunday, June 11th, subi said

dear lisey,

gosh girl, sounds like you are having a fab time! good for you, you deserve it!!! xoxo.

on Sunday, June 11th, Elise said

Holly, you are so flight home is terrible. I'm in the Honolulu airport, I flew here from Kona on Hawaiian air and have a 4 1/2 hour layover. Then I fly into SF on Delta, from SF to Seattle on Alaskan, and finally from Seattle to Juneau by way of Sitka and Ketchikan!

It will take nearly 24 hours!

And Kasia, I don't know why it's so expensive some places, right now I'm at the airport and it's only 5 dollars for a half hour so that's not too bad. What are the rates like where you live?

And Subi, have you heard from our young Ricky? Is he coming to Italy or what? I am so sad I won't be able to visit you this summer after all but maybe next? DTD!

on Monday, June 12th, greg said

Woo-Hoo! This is one "vicarious experience" that has me pumped up on a Monday morning! :)

Hope waipio was good, and glad you enjoyed the snorkle park ... tho' I forgot you're no wuss, being a scuba diver and all ...

I think the internet is so expensive - like everything in Hawaii (and Alaska) - because of the remoteness and long distance to transport all that internet so far away! ;)

on Monday, June 12th, dad said

internet is so expences becaue your seeing CAPTALISM AT ITS FINEST MOMENT

on Monday, June 12th, Elise said

That's right dad, good ole supply and demand!
call me when you get a chance, I'm home now.

on Monday, June 12th, Elise said

Oops, sorry bout that, I missed your comment Greg, I didn't make it to Waipio valley after all, the place we really wanted to ride at was closed for King Kamehameha Day.
But the snorkling was great, and you're right too about fairly remote areas without road access, everything costs more.

on Tuesday, June 13th, Kasia said

In Poland it is something about 3-5$ an hour.

on Tuesday, June 13th, Elise said

That seems much more fair!