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06/12/2006: "Watercolor painting is not like riding a bike"

I'm home after 4 connecting flights and 22 hours of travel... the weather is exactly the same here on Douglas Island Alaska as it was on the Big Island of Hawaii! (Clear skies in the low 80s)

After checking my email I realized that 3 people had purchased prints while I was away (YEAH!); Now I have to get them mailed ASAP, as well as 2 paintings I should have mailed before I left town, plus it's already back to work tomorrow! I may call in and ask for one more day off (pretty please!)

Oh, I've made a decision too...I really really really want to finish a novel. I say "finish" because I've started loads of them. Starting a novel is a piece of cake, but I want to try and become as disciplined with writing as I am with painting and actually finish something.

Which reminds me: I have several paintings I need to finish for people, most importantly that book cover I've been putting off! So I guess I'll wait until tomorrow to post some photos (but not paintings) from my trip. What I learned in Hawaii is that after years of private lessons as a youth, I now possess vestigial talents in watercolor:

Actual reinactment from the Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

Tourist: "may I see what you're painting there?"

Artist: "I don't think so"

Tourist: "oh come on, pleeeeaaaase"

Artist: "it's not any good, trust me"

Tourist: "I may want to buy it!"

Artist: "no you won't"

Tourist: "just let me see it"

Artist: "fine" (reveals mutinous puddles of coagulated paint)

Tourist: "oh" (turns and exits without another word)

Artist: "Don't forget to pick up some souvenir lava rocks!"

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on Monday, June 12th, holly said

I was thinking about you yesterday with mixed feelings-- excited for you because you were going HOME! And with a sense of pity for all that flying. Hope you drank a lot of water!

I admire anyone who can do anything remotely good with watercolors-- they're really hard to master. A lot of my students thought your picture I used in my writing assignment was a watercolor because of your shading and transition between colors.

The tourist in that story sounds like a relative of the gallery show attendee who likes to tell you how to make your pictures better. Looking forward to your tropical pics after you get all that work done!

Glad you made it home safely!

on Tuesday, June 13th, Elise said

It was a very very long journey home but it was rather uneventful, no almost missed connections or long in the big scheme of things it was just tiring more than anything. I did drink a lot of water which is why I always choose the isle row.

When will you be coming back to the U S of A? How long of a trip will that be do you think? Hopefully coming back will be less eventful for you than the getting there.

Oh, and as for the watercolor...I studied them for years when I was younger, they were my first love...I guess I just *assumed* I'd still be great at them but the truth is I don't have the patience for them anymore.

on Tuesday, June 13th, Kasia said

I like the dialogue. Very real. Too real.

I love watrecolors, too.
Photos from Hawaii would be great! I'd like to see the vividness of the greenness redness etc. (I suppose the colours are more vivd there, am I right?)

on Tuesday, June 13th, holly said

I'm coming back on the 3rd of July!!! 20 dys (I do have the hours figured out, too). It's 9.5 hours-- not so bad, really. I fly from Paris to Cincinnati, where I had a three hour layover and a flight to Indianapolis. Bloomingotn is only a couple hours from Cincy, so I've canceled the second flight and am being picked up there-- I'll be home before I ever would have gotten on the second plane. I'm taking the bike with me instead of sending it on ahead, so that will be a challenge. I just want pancakes and some mashed potatoes. And my critters.

on Tuesday, June 13th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, the colors are more vivid...I noticed that wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses made the colors stand out even more, but I didn't have a polarized filter for my camera so the photos don't do the reality justice at all.

And Holly, I can't believe that you're trip back from France will only be 9 1/2 hours...that's so great.

I know what you mean about missing your critters...I have been smothering mine since getting back, Lemoni is still giving me a bit of a cold shoulder but Osiris is being super needy, following me everywhere. How is Clovis doing?