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06/13/2006: "Photos from the Big Island"

saddle-road-hawaii-2 (46k image)
From the Saddle Road between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea

saddle-road (49k image)
Also from the Saddle Road

scenic-hawaiian-photo (38k image)
Pretty view from the Northern Kohala coast

crater-rim-drive-hawaii (64k image)
View of of the rim of one of the main craters in Volcanoes National Park

lava (65k image)
I can describe the Big Island in one word "LAVA" (that's my red jeep in the background)

boys-fishing-place-of-refuge-hawaii (45k image)
Some local boys fishing at the Place of Refuge

place-of-refuge-hawaii (61k image)
Another photo of a temple at the Place of Refuge

hawaiian-erruption-kiluea2 (30k image)
View of Kiluea errupting (steam from where the lava hits the ocean

my-pretty-feet-in-black-sand (74k image)
my feet in the black sand created from when hot lava hit cold fresh water and shattered into thousands of pieces...yes my feet are really that white!

hawaiian-tree-roots (86k image)
Roots grow down from branches in the rain forest

leis-king-kamehameha-day (71k image)
fresh leis for King Kamehameha Day

sunset-in-hawaii (27k image)
Beautiful sunset

hawaiian-pasture-lands (42k image)
There are lots of pasture lands on the big island (and cattle ranches)

wind-power (34k image)
There is also a large wind power farm in North Kohala.

hawaii-landscape (93k image)
A shot of the coast on the drive from Kona to Volcanoes National Park

hawaiian-fishing-village (99k image)
Remains of an old fishing harbor

I have a ton more but this is enough for one night. The big Island has so many different climates, from deserts to rainforests. It really is amazing!

Replies: 13 Comments

on Tuesday, June 13th, holly said

Gorgeous! What a variety of scenery, too. That final shot doesn't even look real. I would like that purple lei on the king's left arm, please.

heehee-- at first I thought that shot of your feet was in black and white...

on Wednesday, June 14th,">Lucinda said

Hi - remember me?. I was told about your website and I love it. I have been reading your blog and enjoy reading and seeing your adventures.

on Wednesday, June 14th, Howard said

Those are some great photos Elise. The one with the lava and the jeep looks like it's black and white with the jeep coloured in.

on Wednesday, June 14th, greg said

Beautiful pics! tho' seem a tad dark ('cept for the white feet glare ;) ). The steam cloud is esp. wonderful!!

on Wednesday, June 14th, greg said

ps - you once again prove you have awesome powers of composition!

(maybe if you were a zombie, you'd have awesome powers of decomposition??) :hehe:

on Wednesday, June 14th, Elise said

Hi Holly, that's funny about thinking my feet were in black and white...I guess in a way they were!

And Lucinda!!! Wow, that's so cool... (one of my *best* friends from high school!) what have you been up to? It has been awhile huh? Are you still in Norfolk? Next time I come home for Christmas we’ll have to arrange to get together!

Thanks Howard, I like that one too…there was so much lava on the big island, you’d go from lush green to just miles and miles of nothing but black as far as the eye could see, it’s pretty incredible.

And Greg, some of them did turn out a tad dark because they were backlit (the one with the boys fishing and King Kamehameha but other than that I’m pretty happy with them…clever on the decomposition comment!

on Wednesday, June 14th, Lucinda said

I have moved. Email me sometime and I will give the whole story.

on Wednesday, June 14th, Elise said

bummer, I'll email you for the scoop.

on Thursday, June 15th, Kasia said

Breathtaking...amazing..I wanna be there too. Me too!!!!Me too!!!

on Thursday, June 15th, Judy Vars said

nice pictures, but did you get any photos of parital or full nudity on the beach for your reference files?

on Thursday, June 15th, Elise said

I think you're teasing me right? There aren't any more nude beaches on the big island that I'm aware of. You wouldn't get me anywhere near one thank you very much! (not that there's anything wrong with that)...

on Thursday, June 15th, Judy Vars said

Well sort of :O you wouldn't find me anywhere near one these days since my bodys gone South :angry:

on Thursday, June 15th, Elise said

Yah, I'm too modest but if I had a slammin bod, who knows.