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06/19/2006: "Have I told you lately?"

Just for the record, my dad is my favorite person on the entire planet! (did you know that papa?)...we don't live near each other anymore, I only make it home at Christmas but it's something I look forward to all year long. We go to the movies, hang out and watch TV, go for drives in the woods, and get into long discussions in which we agree on very little.

Growing up I had 4 (living) sisters, we used to take turns going out for breakfast with him on Sundays and it was my favorite thing to do. Also, we each got to take one trip with him somewhere special (I got to go to Washington DC)...My dad always made me feel like I could do or be anyone I wanted and never tried to discourage me from being an artist or moving to Alaska even when I know it made him sad that I moved so far away.

And now that I'm an adult and I have so much free time to play and paint and do whatever I want, I appreciate more than ever how much he gave up for his family. He worked hard every day and spent all of his money on us. He took all of his vacations with us...spent his weekends going to our softball games and working around the house...both my parents were incredibly selfless.

So...he's been asking me to do a particular painting for him for years and there has always been a "higher priority"...a commission, a show I was getting ready for...but tonight I realized there is no painting more important, or that I want to do more, than the one I started tonight for my papa.

I hope you love it dad and that you're as proud of me as I am of you!

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on Monday, June 19th, holly said

Awww, how sweet! You're a good kid and I bet your dad's super proud of you!

on Tuesday, June 20th, Lucinda said

Your dad is a very sweet, funny guy. I always felt comfortable and welcome at your house growing up.

on Tuesday, June 20th, Elise said

Hey Holly, yah...I think I've always been a pretty good kid (from what he knows...)
Just kidding!

And Lucinda, I *am* writing you back! I haven't been home much lately and I've been waiting until I have time to write a proper note...but you're right, my dad is incredibly sweet, generous, smart and very very funny!

I really liked your parents too and felt comfortable at your house as well (except for waking up at 4am to start chores!)
What's with me and the emoticons this morning? I need to seriously cut back!

on Tuesday, June 20th, subi said

oh, you are a sweet daughter Elise, and I enjoyed meeting your dad when I was still in AK and going to Denali with you all. you have a great family. i can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

on Tuesday, June 20th, Elise said

My dad remembers you too and asks how you're doing. The painting he wants isn't something I would typically do but for my dad I'm willing to compromise artistically...he's the only one I'd ever do that for!

on Tuesday, June 20th, Lucinda said

Get serious we slept in until at least 5 am.

on Wednesday, June 21st, Elise said

All I know is that is was pitch black and I remember thinking "you've gotta be kidding me!"

I really respected how hard you all worked thogh.

on Thursday, June 22nd, RR said

Aw Elise, you gone an' made me cry!!! That's the sweetest most honest thing I've seen anyone write for ages. He's a very lucky man to have you as a daughter.

on Thursday, June 22nd, Elise said

Thanks RR, but I'm the lucky one...really!