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06/20/2006: "Survey Night Fever"

I was experimenting with a tool from today, I had to make a survey for class so I thought I'd make one about art buying preferences. It's only 3 questions long and anonymous (at the end they'll ask you to sign up but you don't have to, just x out and I'll still get your response)...anyway, it would help me as I'm trying to decide a few things about how to do my prints etc. In a week or so I'll post my results (if any)...

Please Take My Art Survey!

Thanks! and btw, if you make a survey, just let me know and I'll return the favor!

Replies: 14 Comments

on Wednesday, June 21st, Maren said

I'm took yoursurvey and my answer to #1 would have to be Not Applicable - I would never buy an original painting. But really, my answer is Not Applicable - I have never purchased an oild painting (not that I would never). My answer to #3 is Not Applicable - I would never buy a reproduction print. Again, I would say that my answer would be better catelorized as "Not Applicable - I have not purchased reproduction print.", not that I Never would. OK, that my 2cents. Did you get my email about our wine order?

on Wednesday, June 21st, Elise said

Thanks for the feedback Maren, but I said NA for those for whom the question didn't matter because they were fairly certain they would never buy that kind of art. If the possibility exists that you may someday, then I'd like to know if things like wood or canvas, archival or no etc. would be important in that event...but I can see how it's confusing...I never was good at writing survey questions, thanks for taking it though.

And yes, I got your email about the wine, I could stop by your place after work today, let me know when you'll be around. I'll get off at 5.

on Wednesday, June 21st, holly said

Oooooo! Are you thinking about doing some panel paintings?!?? I'd buy either canvas or panel, even though I know the care of panel can be a real pain. When the Reijksmuseum was being modified a few years ago, they sent a bunch of their Early Netherkandish panels over to the Met for a huge retrospective of Flemish painting and it was eveidently a nightmare trying to transport all that wood and keep it from expanding and contracting during transport. Still, I love panel painting.

It's funny, because about an hour and a half ago I was just thinking about buying something from you. I think it's becasue I miss seeing my Elise Tomlinson prints before I go to sleep every night. I'm totally serious...

on Wednesday, June 21st, Elise said

Hey Holly, actually, those questions come from reactions to my last show which *was* painted entirely on panel. A lot of people acted totally suprised by it or like they'd never heard of such a thing. And maybe I'm not even using the right term...I used "Ampersand gessoboard", a type of wood panel that has been specially processed for artists. It's acid-free and has been pressure treated so it won't warp (and triple primed)...from what I've read from the company it's just as archival (maybe more so) than canvas...but how do we know? I know the Flemish masters used to paint on wood panel but again, that was a completely different material than what I'm talking about. I love painting on these panels but I don't know what to call them or how to educate viewers/potential buyers as to their longevity etc. Maybe you have some ideas?

And thanks for saying you miss your prints! I think another reason I asked about the importance of the quality of the prints is because I just came back from the print shop yesterday with the new prints of "Lionshead", the one you used in your was $300 for 5 prints, there's a fee for scanning, color correction and then the per-print price which is high. I was hoping the high archival quality wouldn't be important but from the survey results so far, it seems to matter to people.

on Wednesday, June 21st, holly said

Well crap. I'll have to buy that one, too. I think if a person is indifferent about the archival quality (or quality) of a print, they'll just buy posters. I have a coouple posters in frames, but these are works by well-known artists (like Steichen and Waterhouse). In the case of a living artist, like yourself, the only reason I bought prints was because the originals had been sold. If, as a buyer, I would be willing to shell out the dough for an original and I have to make do with a print, then I want that print to be as good as it can be and I'm willing to pay for that quality. In the case of your work, I'm not looking for a poster. Does that make sense? And have I told you that I poked at one of the prints when I got them because I could have sworn the paint was built-up and three dimensional. That's a good scan.

I've never heard of this fancy new panel-- sounds like they've solved some of the major problems involved with "old school" panel painting.

on Wednesday, June 21st, Elise said

I remember you saying that about the texture on the print...I actually posted one of the images of the prints hanging in your room along with your comments...on my prints page (I asked permission to do that right?)
One thing I've noticed is that I paint differently on panel than I do on canvas. The surface is smoother which is great for painting figures, but also there is less give when I push against panel with my brush than when I push against canvas.

Not intentionally or anything, but there was a lot less paint build-up and texture on this most recent series and that shows in the scan of the lionshead painting. I think the print still looks beautiful, and is nearly identical to the original, but I doubt anyone will be poking it because there just wasn't a lot of paint build up on the original either.

Does that make sense?

on Wednesday, June 21st, Jackie said

E: That is so funny - your conversation with Holly about the prints she bought, that I had to go check out your "Prints" page! The satisfied customers appears to be the kitties on the bed! :laugh:
Which painting is "Lionshead"? I can't find it in your galleries, and the "in progress" one doesn't have titles...just curious!

I think painting on panels is great - especially depending on what kind of texture you want. I love the feel of it myself - not that I consider myself a painter. But I've done a few. That was on birch plywood that I gessoed and sanded smooth like porcelain.

Cool survey site too! Thanks!

on Wednesday, June 21st, Elise said

Hey Jackie,
Here's the Lionshead painting (named after the mountain in the background)...I haven't added it to my prints page yet because I just got it back from the printer yesterday. I still haven't added my prints of the Sandy Beach Pump House either, and I've had those prints back for months. I just feel so behind in everything.

And, I could build up more of a texture on the panel without any problem, I think it was just somthing that happened naturally that I wasn't even aware I was doing until after the fact. I think it might also have to do with the fact that I've quit using mediums when I paint to cut down on toxic air, and so it isn't as easy to produce texture without using a ton of incredibly expensive walnut oil paint!
I just paid 19 dollars for 1.25 fl oz. of cadmium yellow!

on Thursday, June 22nd, Rod said

Wow! Elise I love the Lionshead painting!! You know I don't know much about art, but I can say that I know when I like a piece by my gut/instant reaction and it's beautiful! I see it's in your "In progress gallery". Is it sold or do you only have prints available? Either way it's another "Tiny E" origional I want to add to my collection :cool:

BTW I know you're still getting back into your groove at work and such, but bring those DVD's to those fellows to work their magic!

on Thursday, June 22nd, Elise said

Cool Rod, I'm glad that you love that painting so much...the original already sold but the prints are available, I just need to put the link up for paypal in the gallery...

as for everything else...this weekend is my "getting caught up with shit" weekend so just hang in there, I haven't forgotten you!

on Thursday, June 22nd,">Jackie said

E: Oh cool! Thanks for linking me to the painting - which I love! That mountain does look like a Sphynx.
I'm gonna link to a really cool rock formation on the East side of Kodiak Is. where a friend has a lodge - he's trading me great cottonwood bark for me writing a story about the rock! :satisfied:

on Thursday, June 22nd, Elise said

Ooooh, what a neat trade. Will you post the story about the rock on your blog when you're finished?

on Friday, June 23rd, holly said

*runs off to look at "prints" page. OMG. I miss my room so much!!! Yes, Vlad and Carnaby are the resident art critics and bedsitters. And I *will* be ordering a "Lionshead" from you, most likely in late August when I'm a little bit more stable financially. Just keep that in mind... ;)

on Friday, June 23rd, Elise said

Whee! Many thanks from one financially instable person to another!!!