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06/22/2006: "Importance of Net Neutrality"

So, I'm on the board of directors for the League of Women Voters of Juneau and one of the issues they decided to support at their national convention was Net Neutrality. I said I'd draft a letter of support from our chapter as well, since some of the other board members weren't aware of the issue.

From wikipedia: "In common usage, the term has come to stand for the principle that network providers should not discriminate between people or organizations that provide services over a network. Companies selling broadband Internet access to consumers should not make contracts with service providers (such as websites) to provide better Internet access than is available for service providers who don't have such agreements."

This is a very serious issue if we wish to protect the Internet as we know it. I've created a banner blow for anyone who wants to use it (I couldn't find any online) with a link to "Save the Internet" which does a great job of explaining the issue and how we can get involved.

support-net-neutrality-logo-by-elise-tomlinson (3k image)

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on Friday, June 23rd, Cody said

I like this issue -- it transcends political ideologies. Libertarians and liberals unite! Heh. :P

on Friday, June 23rd, Elise said

YEAH Cody! Something we finally can agree on!!!

on Friday, June 23rd, Judy Varse said

It's just another way to f--- the little guy and it makes me mad.
I'll add the banner to my site after I figure out how. Its all a new adventure for me.

on Friday, June 23rd, Elise said


Let me know if you need help figuring out how to upload and hyperlink the logo.

on Saturday, June 24th, Kasia said

A very very wise idea.

on Saturday, June 24th, Kasia said

I think I will need some help with uploading the logo, too.

on Saturday, June 24th, Elise said

No problem, I think I'll write down the directions for Blogger, cuz I think that's what both of you are using.

on Saturday, June 24th, holly said

Isn't this what AOL was trying to do last year? People are so feckin' greedy. The internet is such an amazing entity and powerful force and yet all some people can think about is how to make a buck by limiting its use.

on Saturday, June 24th, berry bowman connell said

Does this mean you've seen
Iron Jawed Angels?

And, yer back, ain'tcha?
Welcome home!

Yeah, no doubt I'm behind.
I only get t'check this here
'puter out fer
a day or so in
a week, but, maybe
soon I'll have one
at home and can
spend an inordinate
amount of time on it
then, eh?

Well, I could
get dial-up, grow-old and die
speed now, but
I thought I'de
at least wait till
I could get highspeed
or broadband
or whatever it's called
where ya don't have t'wait
a day and a half
fer news, eh?

on Saturday, June 24th, Elise said

Yah Holly, I'm not sure about that but sounds about right.

And Berry, what's "Iron Jawed Angels?" I've never heard of that before...

As for having a computer at home, just watch out once you'll find you're spending waaaaaaaaaay too much time on it, I know I do, especially since I work on one all day at my job as well!

on Saturday, June 24th, Cody said

Hey, Elise. I downloaded your banner and placed it on my sidebar. I did it using your sorce code with slight modifications. Looks great.

on Saturday, June 24th, Elise said

That's a great idea, for anyone else who wants to link to this, just use the following code in your sidebar:

code3 (6k image)

on Saturday, June 24th, Cody said

Have you emailed the folks over at about your banner? Maybe they'll use it or at least spur them into creating one.

It seems kind of odd to have a campaign like this without a banner. Maybe they're just trying to be different? :rolleyes:

on Sunday, June 25th, berry bowman connell said

Iron Jawed Angels is a movie,
and were it up to me,
it would be required
watching for everyone.

That, and Kingdom of Heaven

and Funny Bones