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06/26/2006: ""

At the movies I asked B what he had done earlier and it turns out he had run in the Ben Blackgoat Memorial Perseverance Trail Run (in memory of a local High School runner who died several years ago after slipping off an icy part of the trial). I used to hike this trail several times a week but this summer the one time I tried I got totally winded just walking it. Sitting there next to this incredibly fit person while I munched on buttery popcorn and drank sugary pop, made me realize how far down the fitness pot hole Iíve sunk.

It seems like this summer, which Iíd had such high hopes for, has so far been the worst on record in terms of my physique. I havenít been out hiking or sailing muchÖplus I quit my shipments of organic fruits and veggies and eat mostly greasy takeout and frozen dinners. I feel tired a lot; I napped way too much this past weekend for example, and felt sad, lonely and worst of allÖbored!

This just isnít me at all. Today I mentioned to a co-worker that my sister is sending me a walking DVD (how sad is that when I need a motivational DVD to *walk*!) and my co-worker recommended a new trail, one Iíve never tried on Douglas Island where the trail-head is on my way home. It supposedly has a beautiful view and is wide and not too steep. Iím going to give it a try after work tonight. Half of our summer here in Alaska is already over and I havenít saved up enough summer fun to get me through another winter here!

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on Monday, June 26th, marja-leena said

Yeah, we all know we are what we eat, to get exercise and all, but sometimes we lack motivation. Right now, it's too HOT to do anything but melt in a puddle here. I'm going for a walk when the sun goes down. Wishing us both motivation to get back on track, Elise!

on Monday, June 26th,">willow said

Right on sista! I live on a beautiful island and couldn't even motivate myself to go out in the cool evening breeze and take a long walk on the beach and watch the sun set! (somehow it seemed much easier to stay home and do the laundry!) It's pathetic! Come on! What are we waiting for? Lard asses unite! (ok, it's not quite lard but it could be before too long!) In addition to The Artist's Way, let's get out there and walk and stretch our legs and minds and feel good about ourselves!!
Who's in?

on Monday, June 26th, Elise said

Hey hot is it there? I really don't have that excuse though it has been the opposite (cold and rainy) so I guess I'm melting too, only into a different kind of puddle!

And Willow, hello from Alaska! I read your nice comment in my guestbook and planned to write back but put it off like soooo many other things lately. Oh, and for the record I do indeed have quite the lard ass so I'm very willing to unite! Having a healthy body is every bit as important as creating art, it's been a good long while since I've felt good about myself so I can use all the motivation I can get.

on Tuesday, June 27th, subi said


you need a dog like Jasper...huge Alaskan dog that you HAVE to take on long walks and you sure feel safe any time of the day!w/o him I would probably need that dvd too! :laugh:

on Tuesday, June 27th, Elise said

I have considered that Subi but getting a dog is like having a baby...a huge responsibility and I don't think I'm ready for that yet...but maybe someday. But your're right, when I lived with a black lab in Hawaii I used to walk all of the time.

on Tuesday, June 27th, Brian said


I think the key to exercising on a consistent basis is motivation. I enjoy running and it's a big stress reliever for me. But I also look at it as "my" time, where I can be out on a trail, or wherever, and just be by myself. I especially enjoy the way my body feels after a long run too - like I've expended a lot of energy and reached a goal.

My suggestion is to find something you already enjoy (say, hiking) and try to incorporate it into your daily/weekly schedule. That way, if you don't get yourself outside, you feel as though something is missing from your day. Does that make any sense whatsoever?

Oh, and find someone who enjoys the same physical activities as you. When you have someone counting on you as an exercise partner, then you have a feeling of not wanting to let them down.

And I'm always up for a hike, so if you ever want to hit a trail and want some company, let me know!

on Tuesday, June 27th, Elise said

Hey Brian, when I lived in Hawaii where the weather was nice everyday it was easy to make outdoor activities a part of my daily ritualÖbut here where itís raining, sometimes weeks on end, itís harder to incorporate it into a routine, (and I LOATH the gym) but I do need to find a way to get past the you just go out anyway?

And thanks for offering to hit the trails with me, if you donít mind ďhikingĒ at a grannyís pace than Iíd be totally up for that. And remember, Iím *always* looking for someone to go sailing with so if you ever feel like it, thatís the one thing Iíll drop anything to do!

on Tuesday, June 27th, Lucy said

Hi Elise, I used to need little motivation to go out and run but after 3 kids, I now really struggle. It really helps is to get a partner. It doesn't have to be someone you even workout with but someone you talk to very often and discuss what you have done or what your excuses are. After awhile you get tired of your own excuses and it feels better to say how much you did.

on Tuesday, June 27th, holly said

So next time, you come with me to France and we do a double cycling tour. Problem solved. Walking's for noobs. ;)

on Tuesday, June 27th, Brian said

If I can help it, I'll avoid the rain, which is hard to do in this town. But I'll sometimes (like yesterday afternoon) get caught in some wet weather when I'm still several miles from home. Oh well.

If I have a real need to be outside though, I'll suck it up and go out in the rain (or snow). Remember that week around Thanksgiving last year when we received about a foot of rain? I started to go batty around day #6, so I went outside for a run. Yeah, I got a bit wet, but I did feel better.

We'll definitely go hiking. And YES I want to go sailing! Just name the time...

And Lucy, I like your partner idea. That could definitely work!

on Tuesday, June 27th, Elise said

Hi again Lucy! I do like that idea, to have a "verbal" workout (or just healthy living) partner.

And Holly, after all of your photos I think a double cycling tour around France would be just the ticket. I used to ride all the time when I had a beautiful little bike custom made for my petite build but then it finally rusted and crapped out on me. Rick gave me his nice bike but it's not nearly as comfortable to ride so I find myself not riding much at all. I really should invest in a new one but who has the $$$ ?

And Brian, want to be my new VWB (verbal workout buddy)? We can tell each other how much we've exercised though at first I'm sure to be very shamed.

As for sailing, I can be down at the Douglas harbor most nights by 6:00. Tomorrow night is racing night and I already have crew but any other night and/or this upcoming weekend would be great! My boat is the Rozinante, slip A17 I think (in the old douglas harbor)...

on Tuesday, June 27th, willow said

I would love to go sailing! Sign me up! Oh, wait a minute, I guess living on the east coast is a bit too far to swing (sail) on by and pick me up?

on Tuesday, June 27th, Elise said

Hey Willow, do you get out sailing much where you live?