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07/01/2006: "An Inconvenient Truth"

Last night I saw Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth...OMFG! All I can say is *see it*! Please oh please oh please see this film...and then take action.

In Roger Ebert's review he states:

"It reflects the truth as I understand it, and it represents, I believe, agreement among the world's experts.

Global warming is real.

It is caused by human activity.

Mankind and its governments must begin immediate action to halt and reverse it.

If we do nothing, in about 10 years the planet may reach a "tipping point" and begin a slide toward destruction of our civilization and most of the other species on this planet....In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film."

If anyone wants to argue the issue of climate change with me, or that human activity is not a cause of it, go see this film and then I'll debate the issue with you. Hell, even if you haven't seen the movie try me...I would *love* a shot at changing your mind...before it's too late!

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on Saturday, July 1st, Judy Vars said

Oh Elise I intend to see it ASAP I watched Al Gore on Charlie Rose talk about his book and the movie. Can we still affect some positive changes?

on Sunday, July 2nd, Elise said

Hi Judy, towards the end he said that there is a intermediary step between denial and despair, that website I linked to has some excellent additional resources on changes that we can make. I'm planning to make as many changes as I can afford. I've already set up car pooling, and I'm getting special curtains that help hold in the heat better in winter and I'm going to change light bulbs, turn down my hot water heater, unplug appliances when I'm not using them etc. I have so many places in my life where I've been wasting energy but I'm hoping to change.

I'm just one person but if enough people wake up soon enough, there still may be hope for us yet!

on Sunday, July 2nd, RR said

This issue really hits home with me too. If I could only get the kids to turn of tv's, lights, pc when not in use, our house would save half the national grid's allocation! I am going to get tough on them - make them see the film. I can't understand their indolence on this as it's their future it will undoubtedly affect. Thanks for this posting.

on Sunday, July 2nd, RR said

mmmm on second thoughts, maybe I can't see this film - think it's US only. Does that mean the UK is already more aware? I don't think so......must look for an equivalent film over here.

on Sunday, July 2nd, Elise said

You know RR, getting your kids to see this film is an excellent idea. Even if it isn't in distribution there yet, I'm sure it will be...and I know they'll have it on DVD soon.

Actually, they should be just streaming it online for free or dropping copies out of airplanes, that's how important it is. This isn't only going to affect your kid's lifetimes, but our own!

on Monday, July 3rd,">willow said

I am looking forward to seeing this film! Maybe people will finally start taking this issue more seriously! I'll check out that website, Elise, to see what other steps I might take to save energy.

on Monday, July 3rd, wiilow said

...and I don't mean like sitting on the couch all night to save energy! lol

on Monday, July 3rd, Elise said

It really is inspiring Willow! How are you doing in your bid to get more active btw?

I just bought a new recliner for watching TV in. How pathetic is that?

on Monday, July 3rd, willow said

Very pathetic! lol oh and I just sent you an email.