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07/04/2006: "Wah Wah Wah, I mean, Happy 4th of July!"

Sometimes I can be a real whiny baby when conditions are ripe (re: my post last night)...anyway, I think we are screwed if we let other people effect our happiness too much. I have said it before but I really do believe we can *force* (if necessary) ourselves to be happy, or at least to have a positive attitude. Anyway, it's the 4th of July in the states, a big patriotic love fest and I'm supposed to hand out candy from the university's float so I better go put on my happy face. It won't be too difficult, the sun is shining and has been for several days; it finally feels like summer, now what can be happier than that?

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on Tuesday, July 4th, willow said

Hi Elise! I hope today is going better fro you!

on Tuesday, July 4th, willow said

...make that: "for you!"
At least you had a chance to break in the new recliner! Was it comfy?

When I am feeling abandoned by my friends I try not to take it so personally. I usually find that they are just wrapped up in something in their own crazy life at the moment. Usually if I take the initiative and ring them up, they are happy to hear from me.

on Tuesday, July 4th, berry bowman connell said

Well, gal. This time yer
place is better'n mine.
Today it's raining.
(Perhaps the skies here
are crying fer yer less
than happy mood?)

Oh well. maybe not.
These past few days
for me have been the
universe flowing
hard against me, no
matter what I do or say.
So, after the fourth
I gotta work at turning
myself around so
that I can go with the
flow instead of being beat
down by it all.

Maybe I should go get
some candy and pass it
out to children on the
maybe not.
Folks might not understand
what I'm doing.

on Tuesday, July 4th, RR said

Happy 4th July. It's also my sister's birthday so cheers to you both. I didn't see your whiny post, so I guess you took it down. You have lots of reasons to be happy, so focus on them and keep smiling, or put all the negative energy into a really whacky painting and make it a positive thing. :laugh:

on Tuesday, July 4th, Joan said

Just the other day, I was approaching the nurses' station at the hospital. A PA asked me how I was doing and I said, "Outstanding!" He said, "You are far too cheery for me." I said, "You know it's like an old basketball coach once told me...Fake it till you make it."

That seems to do the trick for me. And so I agree, we can "force" ourselves to feel better at times.

Happy Day to you!

on Tuesday, July 4th, Kelly said

Happy 4th of July!! I love you-Come visit me in Texas!! :crazy:
Everything is bigger in Texas :D
Ok, I'll stop, hope you had fun on your float. (come visit me)
Love ya,
Lil Sis

on Tuesday, July 4th, dad said

this should cheer u up there some comming in the mail I think you will like it lov dad ps take it easey on kellybell now that she lives in the second largest state lol

on Tuesday, July 4th, dad said

that should be something in mail in a day or 2

on Tuesday, July 4th, Elise said

Hi everyone, thanks for all the good vibage. I like the "fake it till you make it" analogy joan! I ended up faking it at first but after I got to the parade staging ground I ended up having a great time. I got to be a part of the dancing chinese dragon. Aside from having to run and dance around during the entire parade and almost collapsing from exhaustion, it was a lot of fun!

Oh, and Willow, the new recliner won't be delivered until next weekend but I can't wait for it!

Berry, sorry that things aren't going smoothly for you right now but I believe it's always possible to take stock of what isn't working and then make changes to get back in your groove. Just keep painting!

And RR, happy birthday to your sister! Do the two of you near close enough to celebrate together? That would be nice, I live so far from my sisters.

Speaking of which ...Kelly, you're kidding about everything being bigger in Texas right? If Alaska split in half you'd be the third largest state!
And dad! Hey, I'm getting something in the mail? Whoo hoo...I love getting something in the mail, I'll be keeping an eye out for it. I actually fixed my mailbox this weekend. The mail carrier is going to be so happy.