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07/10/2006: "Why do we fall?"

I've been trying to "fake it till you make it"...but it isn't working anymore. I can't stop obsessing about all the horrible things going on in the world. I feel tired, angry and guilty but most of all, I feel useless. how did things get so bad? Anyway, I'm signing off for now. I've been reading blogs for years now and one thing I see happen repeatedly is people deciding to quit writing...a lot of time it's the blogosphere equivalent of a "plea for help" know, a shallow cut across the wrist kind of thing.

You want to hear "oh no, please don't quit!" why else do you "announce" it? but this isn't that...I mean, come on, this is supposed to be an "artist" blog and aside from a couple crummy thumbnails in PhotoShop I'm not much of an artist these days. I suppose I could write about how I spent nearly the entire weekend sleeping but it doesn't make for a very compelling read. No my friends, I'm afraid I have to ride this lack of mo jo all the way down first. I'll be back just as soon as I feel like an artist again.

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on Monday, July 10th, Kasia said

I understand. The most terrible thing for me is that everything is getting worse and worse....if we could go up in the sky and listen to all this noise, all the cry and mourning down here we would go crazy. It is just too much.
And I've been thinking about adopting a child - we have this program called "Heart Adoption" which means you pay certain amount of money every month which allows one African child to go to school, learn etc. The kids are orphans. You may not visit this child, but you can write them letters, send photos etc. Maybe i could give something back at least this way.

on Monday, July 10th, Kasia said

Oh, you've changes your post.
I understand your decision. Breaks are very useful at times. Of course I am gonna miss you veeeeeryyy muuuuuch. Still hope to talk to you one day:)

on Monday, July 10th, Stephanie said

well, if you must go... but please don't go too far! and come back when you can! you will be missed...
children are a good antidote - spend some time with some small ones if you can - helping them does wonders too - it's not so bad out there...

on Monday, July 10th, Stephanie said

p.s. another blog i follow just had a chat about 'why blog'
some good reading there...

on Monday, July 10th, berry bowman connell said

Yeah! And good for you, gal!
Plus, this would be a perfect
time to go find the book that
m'blog is named after....
Walking on Alligators
by Susan Shaughnessy

It's supposed to be fer writers,
but ya just mentally change
the words writer and writes
to artist and paints.

It'll help.
If ya can't find it,
write me and I'll go fetch
one fer ya and send it
up to ya!

Good Luck!
Go Get'm Tiger!

on Monday, July 10th, Karen said

I've been following your blog for a few years now...and am more of a lurker than commenter, but just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you. As I'm sure you know "dry spells" are part of the whole creative thing. Take it from someone who's been there. You are very hard on yourself I feel. You work full-time and that alone is draining! For me anyway once the process of creating becomes "a job" is when its most forced and mechanical.
As far as the horrible state of the world...what I tell my daughters is if your unhappy with it change it! Through your art, local politics, schools, the world you DO have control over.
I hope this doesn't sound preachy, just wanted you to know I'm sending some good motherly energy your way.

on Monday, July 10th, Howard said

Elise take the summer off and just relax and play. I've been finding artmaking to be a big struggle this summer as well. I can't find the energy to do anything and ideas seem far and few between. Take care

on Monday, July 10th, kateri said

I just started to read your blog lately and I keep coming back because I really enjoy it, feels uplifting to me. Oh well... Do enjoy your time off and I'll be looking if you decide to return

on Monday, July 10th, Jackie said

E: Oh nooo! You can't quit now! Well - you can - but I don't want you to! I have been in the slumps since I finished my work for the art show - and now that my workshop and opening reception are behind me, it's impossible to get motivated to work in my studio. Summers have never been a time for me to want to be inside - in Alaska, we always were out on the boat, going on picnics and picking berries. There is a time for everything. Summer is for having fun, giving in, relaxing. I don't think that having a blog should make you feel obligated to paint though - even if your 'mission' was to have an artist's blog - artists have to take time off from making art sometimes! I love reading your entries and seeing the photos of sailing, the beautiful hiking areas near your home, all that stuff!

Take care, kiddo - catch you on the "B" side!


on Monday, July 10th, Joan said

Sometimes others benefit from us/our actions in ways that were never intended. There is no less value in the benefits or the people or actions. I have enjoyed your site immensely and I really can't say it had to do with your artistic skills, in regards to paint...but in the beauty of the word and sharing of ideas and experiences - from all over the world. What a community has been built/has built itself around your site! You are very gifted and we are blessed. I wish you a peaceful rest.

on Monday, July 10th, Lucy said

Elise - I will miss reading about your life. so email me because I miss my friend. Take a deep breath - give yourself a break. You are an artist and I have known that for many years. Love you.

on Monday, July 10th, marja-leena said

Jackie said it for me! I, too, do very little art in the summer. Sometimes, I gather photos and ideas. I think it's important to LIVE your life, even if it means taking a break from artmaking. That life experience affects your art, believe me. Your blog can still reflect that, but I understand the need for a break. Will miss you, but I wish you well. Enjoy the summer - a lovely time there in the north.

on Tuesday, July 11th, BL said

take the time away to reflect within . see what u need to get done and MOVE on .if that means your blog goes to the wayside it does, then let it go to the wayside .Life is a journey,and where we go is up to the one walking that path.

on Tuesday, July 11th, greg said

I just get back into town and find this!?? :cry:

Actually it's totally cool. Frankly I found it hard to figure out how you maintained your blogging fury! :D

I expect if you look back into your archives you'll find yourself in similar situations in the past. Find that harmony twixt solitude and face-to-face gregariousness, and you will be fruitful! I know it!!

Have fun sailing ... and have you finished reading Paul Dorrell's book yet?

on Tuesday, July 11th, ann said

You are an artist. You will always be an artist. I think it's something you ARE, more than something you do. And you, my friend, see the world with an artist's eye.

I like your blog, but do what feels right to you. Most of all, take care of yourself.