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07/26/2006: "Fortress of the Bears vs. Vegging on my Comfy Couch with Universal Remote Control & Cheesy Poofs"

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Received in an email today to crew on a race to Funter Bay:

"I just thought I’d entice you further… The weather looks like it’ll be 70 and sunny on Saturday and we’re planning a huge party/cook-out at Funter. We need folks that can play music for the hoe-down! I’ll be bringing a banjo and guitar. Gerald is bringing a guitar. Jimmy Mahan has a mandolin. There could be others…

It might be the perfect time to get pictures for you’re idea about painting a scene with musicians on the bow!

It would be great if you could make it! Bring sleeping bag and your sailing clothes. We’ll bring a mini-keg of Alaskan but if you want to bring wine or some exotic party cocktail mix we’ll party like rock stars! We usually do sandwiches for lunch. We’ll try to catch a salmon for dinner and will bring a tri-tip or something for the grill in case our luck stinks. If you have some special seasoning you like on salmon we’ll do that, otherwise we’ll have the garlic/dill/lemon on the boat....

...we have that all-carbon-fiber Ovation we can bring. It has a really narrow neck (1& 11/16 at the nut which Karen likes for her small hands.) You’re welcome to play that if you don’t want to risk your Seagull to the potential cruelties of the sea and rowdy dock parties. I can bring both banjos if you want to try one of those too. I use coated strings on everything so salt air (and tequila salt) can’t hurt.

Let’s do it!"

(Me again...just keep in mind that Funter bay is an island wilderness area also called Kootznoowoo, Tlingit for "Fortress of the Bears.")

hmmm, I wonder what's on Pay-Per-View this weekend? But seriously, why is it that having an incredibly good time takes so much more *effort* than idleness? :confused:

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on Thursday, July 27th, Kasia said

i wish I knew the ansewr to the question, too. :) If you find out, please let me know :cool:

on Thursday, July 27th, Maren said

GO! If you don't, tell Mike that I will :-)

on Thursday, July 27th, Elise said

Sure Kasia, and as soon as I discover the meaning of life I'll pass that along as well.

And Maren, I probably *will* go...there are actually a few committments I need to try and get out of for this weekend first but otherwise, it does sound much too fun to pass up.

If you're serious about going you should contact Mike and Karen, I'm sure there's plenty of room!

on Thursday, July 27th, willow said

I vote for Fortress of the Bears! I'd go if I was there!
OK, how much effort does it really take? (I am on a campaign to be more active. rah! rah!) Sounds like a great adventure. Beautiful scenery to inspire your paintings and sounds like good company too. Can I come along? Pretty please?

Did you ever receive the email I sent to you? I never know if they get caught in the big security web we have here at the office.

on Thursday, July 27th, Elise said

Hi Willow,
No, I never did get the email and I checked several times. That hotmail account doesn't have a spam filter either so it must have been stopped on your end.

Be sure to put somthing like "Hi Elise from Willow" in the subject line too, I really do get unbelievable amounts of spam and I'm afraid I miss things from time to time because they have generic subject lines like "hi" and I don't recognize the email address...ya know?

on Thursday, July 27th, Julie said

Check out this link

on Thursday, July 27th, willow said

Elise, I just tried sending you another email, so let me know if it worked this time!

on Thursday, July 27th,">Jackie said

E: I can't believe you'd pass up the sailing trip for an evening on the couch and cheesie poofs! We wanna see tons of inspirational photos when you get back! :hehe:

on Thursday, July 27th, Elise said

Hi Julie, thanks for the link, that's pretty amazing!

Willow, I didn't get the email again. I'm not sure what's could try sending it to artist @ too.

And Jackie, I probably won't pass it up (and I'll try to take lots of photos) I really have a lot of things I needed/wanted to get done this weekend...when you go on one of these trips you get back all exhausted and all the work is still waiting for you, ya know?

on Thursday, July 27th, Elise said

Willow, I *did* get your email, went in my junkmail file, found the original you sent on Monday as well. I'll send you a response tomorrow, my "send" from hotmail isn't working at the moment.

on Friday, July 28th, willow said

Good morning Elsie! I'm glad you found the emails. I sent you 2 others this morning as a test, so you can disregard those! I hope you have a great weekend! It's HOT here! I am going to hit the beach!

on Friday, July 28th, willow said

I just noticed the above post says "Elsie". I admit to being THE worst typist. Please forgive the typo, Elise!