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07/29/2006: "Kootznoowoo"

I only have a moment to write this morning, as I'm on my way down to the Marina to meet up with the crew of the High the end sailing will *always* win out over vegging!

I will post photos when I get back; I'm really hoping that I'll get to see some whales bubble netting which would be soooo amazing! I also bought a fishing license with a king tag and will be trying out my new king rod for the first time this weekend...I'm bringing along some blackening season because I'm feeling lucky.

I'd also like to make a correction to my last post where I said Funter Bay was also known as Fortress of the Bears (Kootznoowoo) in Tlingit. I spoke with my neighbor Aaron last night who grew up here and he said that is the place name of a spot near Angoon and now is wrongly used to describe all of Admiralty Island (Funter Bay is on Admiralty Island), my bad!

I should mention that he called thinking that I wouldn't answer the phone and he could just leave me a message. I thought it was Rod and picked up after he started talking (I promise I'm not dissing you Rod...I tried!) and, long story short, even though we only live a couple blocks away we spent hours on the phone. It was really fun though I am regretting it a bit this morning as I drag my tired butt around the house. This sail I'm going on is a *race* after all. I have to bring my A game.

Anyway, wish me luck and a happy weekend to all of you!

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Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, July 29th, Rod said

Good luck and have a bon voyage! I hope you catch a King, and I can't wait to see pictures. :D

on Saturday, July 29th, willow said

I'm jealous! Hope you have a great time! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

on Monday, July 31st, Elise said

Thanks guys...hope you enjoy the photos. Rod, I didn't catch a king but I did "help" catch 2 pinks and nearly caught a giant silver. ahhhh, the one that got away!