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07/31/2006: "Pink Cheeks"

race-starts-auke-bay-sailing-thumb (28k image)

humpback-wales-auke-bay-thumb (31k image)

funter-bay-dock-party-thumb (42k image)

brian-liz-on-swing-funter-bay-alaska-thumb (39k image)

blue-heron-funter-bay-thumb (60k image)

beautiful-evening-light-golden-funter-bay-woods-alaska-thumb (66k image)

fireweed-rocks-seaweed-ocean-auke-bay-alaska-thumb (59k image)

Well, I'm home from the Juneau Cup race to Funter Bay and I had an amazing time. We sailed through a pod of humpback wales, caught salmon, and had perfect sailing weather. There was a dock party in Funter Bay and I got to sleep in the V-berth by myself with the overhead hatch open so I could watch the stars!

I am only posting a couple photos here, I went a little crazy and put together a web page of photos to send to the other racers but there are some really beautiful shots.

If you're interested (there are quite a few and larger than I normally post so it may take awhile to load them all, the last shot is of fireweed and kelp (in case they don't load all the way). Anyway, it was a perfect weekend, my thanks to Karen and Mike, skippers of the High Noon for inviting me along!

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on Monday, July 31st, RR said

These are absolutely fantastic photos Elise. Looks like you had a great time. Very envious of the spotting of the humpbacks.

on Monday, July 31st, Elise said

Thanks RR! It was a trip I'll never forget. Really fun people too and the race home was particularly exciting.

Today it's raining again so it was very fortunate that I went while I had the chance. It was very likely the end of our good weather for the rest of the year.

on Monday, July 31st, willow said

Fantastic photos Elise!

on Monday, July 31st, dad said

Elise did you ever think to do a little free lance for the EMPIRE?

on Monday, July 31st, dad said

your getting pretty good with that camera

on Monday, July 31st, dad said

your getting pretty good with that camera

on Monday, July 31st, Elise said

Hi Willow, I'm glad you like them. Do you take many photos of your little island? I'd love to see them!

And no dad, I hadn't thought of that before, I'm not sure what their policy on the matter is but it's a cool idea.

on Monday, July 31st, Jackie said

E: Yay! I loved your photos - and am so happy for you that you went on that sailing trip! I'm also green with envy! It's been years since I've been on a small boat (ferries don't count). It makes me so homesick to think about being out on the water....

on Monday, July 31st, Elise said

Hi Jackie! I was thinking of you today because one of our adjunct librarians is getting ready to move back to Kodiak and she was telling me how much she loves it there.

Being on the water and getting away from developed areas is so important. But, you must have opportunities to get out on the water where you live now don't you?

on Monday, July 31st, TDB said

You really do live in a place of awe inspiring beauty. :cool:

on Tuesday, August 1st, holly said

I'm always amazed at the range of color in your shots. That last one has an amazingly varied palette.

on Tuesday, August 1st, Elise said

Hi TDB, thanks for the observation, it seems overnight that the summer is ending and we enter our *really* rainy season, so it's nice to have some beautiful summer memories to hold me over.

And Holly, I couldn't believe my good luck when I saw that last shot, the striation in colors was too good to be true. That shot (or something like it) will go into a painting for sure.