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08/03/2006: "Juneau Ice Field Trek"

This past weekend while I was off on my sailing race, my assistant director Lynn was off on a glacier trek to the Juneau Icefield. From the US Forest Service website: "The Juneau Icefield is a massive accumulation of ice and snow stretching from upper Taku Inlet north to Skagway. Scientists estimate the icefield's snow and ice depth to be from 800 to over 4,500 feet (245 to 1371 meters). It lies around peaks called nunataks which push through the ice. Devil's Paw, the icefield's highest peak, straddles the Alaska-Canada border and stands 8,584 feet (2616 m) tall. Like a parent, the Juneau Icefield sends its offspring down from the heights to find their way inexorably down between the peaks in the many glaciers it feeds."

Lynn is the one in the red! I am very impressed with her, and if I could afford it...I think something like that would be amazing! Anyway, the one of her going down into the ice shute is going to be the new photo we use on the staff page...not typically what people think of when they think "librarian".

juneau-ice-field-glacier-trek-aerial (72k image)

This was shot from the air, see how tiny the people (and the helicopter) look?

glacier-trek-juneau-icefield-lynn (67k image)

Here Lynn is ice climbing. Those spikes on her shoes are called "crampons" and they keep you from slipping on the ice.

juneau-ice-field (76k image)

juneau-ice-field-glacier-trek (80k image)

This is a photo of their guide but I just liked the way it looks. I've walked on many a glacier and their surface is like being on a different planet.

juneau-ice-field-glacier-trek-lynn (77k image)

Here is my favorite of Lynn going down into the ice shute. That might be where I draw the line. This young boy died a few years back when he slid down into a shute, they can go for miles and miles down into a glacier. No thanks!

Replies: 6 Comments

on Friday, August 4th, Stephanie said

WOW! i didn't think you could top all those beautiful sailing scenes! so visually inspiring! thanks for sharing :)

on Friday, August 4th, Elise said

Thanks Stephanie, I didn't take these photos but I do think they really amazing.

on Friday, August 4th, berry bowman connell said

because your e-mail
is also yer .com

Hey, I have a blog
fer cryin' out loud!
When am I gonna get
off m'butt and get a

Is it any wonder it took
me four years t'get m'two year degree?

(now ya also know why I wanna see that movie)

And, wonder of wonders,
first day, Grandfather's Chair sold!
(not grandfather's CHAIR, mind you....)

on Friday, August 4th, Judy Vars said

Do you get there by helecopter?

on Friday, August 4th, Elise said

Ah, yes Berry, you must get your own .com, it's not that difficult nor expensive and you can do all kinds of fun stuff with it.

Which movie?

Oh, and congratulations on selling that painting!

on Friday, August 4th, Elise said

Yah Judy, the icefield is right behind the Mendenhall Glacier, which is where I go for my lunch breaks sometimes...right near the university. It's funny because they passed noise ordinances that said helicopters have to fly in a line all at one time, rather than spread out so it looks like a war zone sometimes with 6 or 7 helicopters all flying in a row out to the ice.