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08/05/2006: "When I'm not painting, my entries sound more like a little girl's diary than an artist's blog...sorry"

Dear Diary,
It started with my driver's side door drooping just the teeny tiniest bit, and within a week it became so bad that now I can't open it. This means crawling over my stick shift and emergency break and exiting the passenger side door every time I get in or out of my car...not very dignified.

I need to make an appointment to see if I can get it fixed but I'm afraid the diagnosis will not be good. The car is 12 years old and still runs beautifully but the body is giving out, little by little. The metal is actually starting to tear around the joints. I don't want a new car; I've had my Tracker for most of my adult life; it was my first new car and we've been all over Alaska together.

But anyway, this latest issue is really embarrassing. I just sit in my car pretending to listen to the radio until the coast is clear for me to start my voyage out of (or into) the car. At least I'm driving a lot less, car-pooling and all of that.

What else? Friday night Rob came over for pizza and we watched The Brood. He thought it might have been David Cronenberg's first feature film but I looked it up today and guess what his first feature, Rabid, was about? ZOMBIES! I must see it, Cronenberg is such a freak! Anyway, I really enjoyed the Brood though like many of his films it was more disturbing than scary (but also really scary).

And this morning Brian ran his first full marathon! I and some of his friends walked down to Sandy Beach in the (infernal) rain and waited for him to cross the finish line so we could cheer him on. I must say I was very impressed!!! Watching healthy people out running in the deluge inspired me to excavate my treadmill again.

Oh, and then tonight I got a phone call from an artist/faculty member from the Polytechnic School and Caltech. He's going to be in Juneau later this week on a painting trip and wants to meet and talk about art. He says he really likes my work so *of course* Id love to but I'll be in Washington (more on WA later...intrigued?).

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on Sunday, August 6th, Howard said

I thought Shivers was his first full length movie. It'd make a great double bill with Rabid :)

on Sunday, August 6th, Judy Vars said

I love Davids teratologic and oniric expressionism and his psycological exploration of human contradictions and idiosyncrasies. :laugh:

on Sunday, August 6th, berry bowman connell said

Abut Washington, well, yeah
we're all quite intrigued about that.
But, we're really ALL hopin' , y'see
fer the picture WITHOUT the hat!
Na, I'm just joshin ya, gal,
don't be thinkin' me
some pushy upstart.
It's just that yer description almost makes it sound like yer a tart.

And, I suppose something else
has caught yer eye, here, eh?
I've fallen in with a group of poets, and now rhyme most everything I say.

It's a lot more fun than you'de want t'believe
and it makes ya pull out words y'had tucked in yer sleve.

But, while yer just sittin quietly in yer desk chair.....
How 'bout pulling out a camera, c'mon! Let's see that hair!

on Sunday, August 6th, Elise said

oops, you're right Howard. I find it amazing how many films he's done!

And Judy..."teratologic and oniric expressionism"? uhh, yah, he's great at that!
And Berry, so you've fallen in with a band of poets eh? That happened to me once...I remember we used to go to readings all of the time and then afterwards, in the car, everything we'd say would be in Iambic pentameter.

Oh, and the battery is dead in my camera from my race last weekend so I'll have to charge it up first but as I said, the tea stain removed...I'd say about 42% of the tart factor.

on Sunday, August 6th, willow said

Hi Elise! Glad to hear the tea toned down your hair a bit. Once my hair guy gave me some blond highlights with my dark brown hair. Not exactly what I had been expecting either! I kept them for the summer though and then got a new colour for the fall.

Last night NetFlix brought their Rolling Roadshow to town (or, on-island) and set up a huge screen in the park by the beach and showed the movie JAWS. It was great fun, even if it was the zillionth time I've seen it. And quite a cheer went up in the park when the shark blew up!

So, do you have a hot date in WA, or what? :cool:

on Sunday, August 6th, Elise said

Hey Willow, I've never heard of that before (the NetFlix thing) but it sounds fun. We had a drive-in movie theatre in my home town and I loved going to it during the summer. I just watched Jaws again a couple weeks ago, it still gets to me!

As for Washington, no it isn't a date but good guess.

on Sunday, August 6th, willow said

Are you showing your work in a Seattle gallery? Being interviewed for a big press realease? Developing some sort of art software for Microsoft? Do tell!

on Sunday, August 6th, Elise said

OK, OK, I'll tell! I'm going for a job interview. I don't want to go into details but it's a great job in a great location. It would mean leaving Alaska which would be a huuuuge change for me but a lot of people who leave Alaska move to Washington state because it's the easiest transition. Plus, the weather would be sooo much nicer.

wish me luck!

on Sunday, August 6th, Elise said

Me again, just wanted to mention that I tried out the "spiced tea" natural instincts and I looooove it!

Thanks so much for the suggestion Subi, it looks so much better and I love the color and it didn't stink like some coloring products (no ammonia) and my hair is super soft now too!

Thanks for saving the day!

on Sunday, August 6th, holly said

"It started with my driver's side door drooping just the teeny tiniest bit... still runs beautifully but the body is giving out, little by little. The metal is actually starting to tear around the joints."

This is such a perfect euphemism for the state of my body. :D

on Sunday, August 6th, Elise said

I can't believe you aren't recovered yet. How horrible! Do they think you caught this in France or were you just run down from your trip?

Anyway, I've been enjoying the photos and stories on your blog even if I don't comment everyday.

on Monday, August 7th, holly said

The doc seems to think I was run down and picked up something very nasty on the airplane.

But I was just referring to me being OLD! :D

on Monday, August 7th, Kasia said

Hi, I am back from holiday! Nice to see you in a good mood. :) Washington? Sounds interesting.

on Monday, August 7th, Maren said

What time do you fly to WA on Wednesday? I'm flying to Seattle too on that day. I'm on the super early leaves-at-6am flight.

on Monday, August 7th, Elise said

Holly, I always think about all that recycled air when I'm flying and there is someone on the plane hacking...ugh! Well, age related decrepitude is something I relate to as well!
And Kasia, welcome back from holiday! I bet Turkey was hot hot hot! Still, I would love to be able to visit there some day, you sure get to do a lot of traveling!

And hi Maren! I'm actually on the afternoon flight to WA...but, how long will you be there? I'll be there through Sunday, it would be fun to meet up.

on Monday, August 7th, Brian said

I just sent you an e-mail, but I'll say it again here: It meant a lot to me having you there at the finish on Saturday. The rain totally sucked, and the wind was no picnic either.

Good luck with the interview! You may have told me before, but where in Washington is this job?

on Monday, August 7th, holly said

Now that Brian has let the cat out of the bag, you have to spill the beans.

I'm mixing metaphors so I'll leave now...

on Monday, August 7th, Elise said

Thanks Brian! I was really proud of you for finishing the marathon, and with such a good time too!

Holly, the job interview is in Centralia, a small town just outside of Olympia...2 hours to Portland and 2 hours to Seattle, plus Olympia is on the Southern Puget Sound so there is a lot of sailing within less than a half hours drive.

Centralia College seems to be a strong two year college and the position is for Associate Dean of Library and Distance Education. It would be a really interesting position requiring a strong technology background, which is my favorite.

Leaving Alaska would be incredibly hard to do but with the horrible non-stop rainy weather we've had this summer (and heading into the our *real* rainy season) it might not be *that* hard.

An added benefit would be that I could see my friends and family in the lower 48 a lot more easily. Tickets from Juneau to Seattle (even with 2 weeks advance purchase) cost over 700 dollars now, as is I only make it back once a year. Tickets from Seattle to Nebraska are around $300. Plus, all those cities (Portland, Seattle, Olympia) are connected by Amtrak.

Anyway, I am one of 4 (I think) finalists so I don't want to get too far ahead of myself but these things seem to always turn out for the best with me. Meaning, if I'm the best person for the job I'll get it and if I'm not, I won't. But if I'm not the best suited for the job than I wouldn't want it so that would be OK too. I really do love my current job and everyone I work with so from my perspective this is a win/win scenario for me.

on Monday, August 7th, Brian said

Hey, I didn't let the cat out of the bag - Elise mentioned in an earlier comment about the interview! I would never have brought it up without Elise's permission.

Anyway, location-wise, it sounds like you'd be in a great spot. And the actual position sounds right up your alley too. But you have the right attitude about the job and the possibility of leaving Alaska. I'd be bummed if you left, but if I knew that you thought it was the right opportunity, I'd certainly be happy for your new adventure.

on Monday, August 7th, Elise said

Thanks Brian, I'd be bummed too but sometimes change is good. We'll see...

and I know you didn't leak anything so no worries!

on Monday, August 7th, willow said

If you leave, could I rent your house?...Now that's really jumping the gun, isn't it?

It does sound like an interesting position though. When I've gone on job interviews, I think you just have to wait and see if it feels right for you too. There was a gallery I really wanted to manage, and went out of my way to take time off work to go to the interview. I drove 2 hours to meet the owner, and he didn't even show up for the interview. Instead, he had a woman interview me who had only worked for him for a week! Needless to say, I lost all respect for him and the way he does business.

I wish you the best of luck, but I'd miss your "reporting" from Juneau!

on Monday, August 7th, Elise said

Hi Willow, yes, something like that would be an excellent indication to turn and run in the other direction. I've read all of their newsletters and I get a very positive impression of them based on the kinds of projects that they're doing but there are sooooo many things to take into account when relocating that I don't want to go too far down that road as I am not the only candidate and may not receive an offer.

I know you were joking but i have considered renting rather than selling my is just too adorable for words!

on Monday, August 7th, berry bowman connell said

Din't stop by t'bug ya
bout gettin yer camera
onto yer hair, though it really sounds modern!
But rather t'mention
just put m'inventions
on m'blog, and I value yer concern.

on Monday, August 7th, Elise said

I'll check it out Berry, cool!

on Tuesday, August 8th, RR said

Good luck with the interview - I hope you do well. There are very good vibes floating around just now, so lets hope they go your way.

on Tuesday, August 8th, willow said

Elise, good luck with the interview! And I think I was only half joking when I asked if I could rent your house...the other half has some serious planning/thinking to do!

on Tuesday, August 8th,">Rob Roys said

You should talk to the Theatre folks about the house. They may want to buy/rent long term.

on Tuesday, August 8th,">Rob Roys said

You should talk to the P Theatre folks about the house. They may want to buy/rent long term.

on Tuesday, August 8th, Elise said

Are you serious Rob?

Have you ever hung out with Theatre folks? I have!

(no offense intended!)

on Tuesday, August 8th, subi said

but didn't you just get tenure? or is it an interview with a sister-uni?

glad about the hair! i love those products too!

i will send you those bird on head photos---

on Tuesday, August 8th, Elise said

Hey willow, I missed your response up there...what kind of serious planning and thinking are you doing? About going back to school etc.? I think that being in flux can be sooo tough and yet exciting too, so many possibilities open to us, ya know?

And Subi, yes, I did just get tenure and promotion to associate professor, but this possition is an associate Dean position, so, it would be another promotion and potentially higher salary etc. I don't know, as I said before, I could go either really will depend on how the interview goes. I may not be what they need and they may not be what I need, or...we could be a match made in heaven. You just never know until you try. (kind of like you can never rule a guy out until you've kissed him...then, one way or another you just *know*).