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08/09/2006: "Do we ever really know anyone anyway?"

Well, it's after midnight and my friend just left after having had some wine and a long talk. Oooooh, that I could write about anything and everything here...but the reality is, this isn't a diary or a place for me to work out my demons; so I'll bite my tongue and maybe cry myself to sleep on my huge giant over-sized pillow. But not yet.

I had planned to work on my presentation for my interview tonight but now it's late and I'm tired with purple stained lips and feeling almost unbearably sad and let down. So I tell myself again (and again) that things happen for a reason. I have to rest assured in that. Rest, but not yet

I'm not packed...I haven't done laundry...I don't have a back-up presentation saved to disc (which I *always* do)...and I have a friend picking me up early in the morning who will drop me off at the airport this is it! I have to suck it up, find my second wind, and put what I found out tonight behind me...there will be plenty of time to deal with it later...but not yet.

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on Wednesday, August 9th, Rod said

Good luck in WA, and don't forget to tell them that you're the
Queen of the internet!!
That should be worth more than starting wages! ;)

on Wednesday, August 9th, Kasia said

Tell all your demons to go back to hell!
Have a nice time in Washington:)

on Wednesday, August 9th, Elise said

Hey Rod, thanks for the phone call pep talk etc. It's always great hearing from you (especially in person and not just on my answering machine!)
And Kasia, I found out something really disappointing last night but this morning (after a full 4 hours of sleep) I feel I have more perspective on the situation. I plan to have an excellent time in Washington...I just hope I can get some sleep on the plane.

I am reeeeaaaalllly tired today and have so much to finish up at work before I leave.

on Wednesday, August 9th, RR said

Think I probably missed you but good luck if you do get this. Remember, demons are there to give us perspective. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger etc etc. Go to the int and show them what a wonderfully strong person you are.

on Wednesday, August 9th, subi said

good luck! backchannel me if you want to talk or vent :O

on Wednesday, August 9th, berry bowman connell said

Ah. The ol' "shove it in the closet
and come back later" trick, eh?
Good luck with that, sister painter.

'Tain't workt fer me ever has it
always ghostin' there behind t'say
"go ahead and plan t'do it all later."

But these things, new, all stack up
soon there's way more in yer cup
than y'even want t'think about; y'know the song?

I'm not sure, but I'm thinkin'
T'keep yerself from sinkin'
ya gotta deal with things as they come along.

And, those that moves on by ya, well
ces l'vie (french I don't too well spell)
But, y'get the idea, doncha? Tis easy t'see.

If it's matters of the heart,
and then he off and goes, departs,
well, dang! Girl, yer wrong, cause ya can "talk" t'a dozen friends, or even me.

We comes back because we likes ya,
and we wants ya t'be happy, so, we'de everyone of us turn a friendly ear.
And, there may be some thousand miles
between all of our smiles,
but we could all go outside and watch the same skies
and enjoy a beer

(well, fer me, that woul be
a root....)

on Wednesday, August 9th, berry bowman connell said

(but, it's still the same moon, girl.)

on Wednesday, August 9th, Joan said

Sounds like a great time to fake it. You'll do great with your interview and whatever comes of it comes. Life happens when we're not making plans. I know it is a cliche' but it is so seriously true.

Good luck and what will happen is to be.

Peace to you.

on Thursday, August 10th, Elise said

Well, I've just finished my interview/presentation etc. and I think everything went really well...aside from the fact that I talked too fast which I tend to do when I get really nervous. blak.

The drive here from Seattle was a lot shorter than I expected, only took an hour!

Now I'm going to check the area out some far I think the town and college etc. seem great. They have a Starbucks! (shame on me right?)

I'm heading off for Portland, I'm going to stay there tonight and check out my former ceramics professor's art exhibit. She'll be out of town unfortunately.
So, I will keep you all posted.

Looks like I probably will spend at least one night in Seattle so hopefully I'll get to hook up with you for coffee or something Jackie!
oh, did I mention I found out today that the guy who supervises this position I interviewed for is a sailor? And he sets the handicaps for the races? I am going to check out Olympia and the marinas on my way back from Portland. Can't wait!

on Thursday, August 10th, berry bowman connell said

So, stateside we hear on the news
That Alaska's 'bout to pay some dues.
How's that affect ya, are ya doin' OK and grand?
Or should we plan a "rent party" fer ya
when y'get back from ol' Portland....

on Friday, August 11th, willow said

Hi Elise! Good to hear that your presentation went well. (What town is the college in that you interviewed at?) What's Portland like? As nice as everyone says it is? I would love to check out the Oregon coast sometime. I hear it's beautiful! How long is the drive between Seattle and Portland? I seem to have more and more friends moving out that way.

Enjoy your adventures!

on Monday, August 14th,">Jackie said

E: Sorry we didn't get to meet while you were in town. I don't work on weekends, so I'm out in the 'burbs, not in Seattle. HOpe that you got out of your hotel room and got to see some sights or something - with the gorgeous weather we've been having!
I'm glad your interview went well. Hope you did get to stop in Oly - it is such a cute town! There's tons of sailboats all over Puget Sound - every little seaside town has its own marina - so you wouldn't miss that if you moved here. I'm sure you'll keep us all informed of any job offers... :hehe:

on Monday, August 14th, Elise said

Hi Willow, the name of the school is Centralia College in Centralia Washington. And Portland is as nice as everyone says...just beautiful, from Seattle all the way to Portland is just fantastic.

And Jackie, I'm sorry I missed you too! I blame it on the Interstate! I'm so not used to driving in traffic and even though I did eventually make it to Pikes, it was after everything closed and I felt it was probaly too late to give you a call.

I got stuck in terrible traffic on the I-5 from Portland to Seattle, that was frustrating.

Anyway, if I do move down south, we'll get to meet for sure!