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08/11/2006: "In Portland"

Hi everyone, I'm in Portland and I love it, aside from scary city driving it's a very cool place. I've been walking around downtown checking everything out. Today I went to Powel's bookstore and OMG! I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! I bought waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many books but it was too good to be true. I've spent this afternoon reading on the grass in the quad of Portland State University and now I'm at the library (GEEEEK!) but I'm having a great time. I have to try and find out how to get to my friend's art exhibit and I'm on very limited internet time so I'm not checking my email. I will get to it soon though, I'm back in Juneau on Sunday.

Has everyone been following the foiled terrorist plot? I'm always flying when things like this happen. No tooth paste for me I guess! (flashes yellowed smile)...

Oh, I also met and had a lovely conversation in the park with a handsome young monk from Southern California. I always meet the most interesting people when I travel!

btw, for those of you who didn't see my comments in the last post, the interview went really really well and I was impressed with the people I met, as well as the campus and town. If an offer is made I'll have a very difficult decision to make.

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on Saturday, August 12th, Rod said

Good for you! Powel's is like going to the Library of Congress and it's all for sale, and then you can't remember all the cool books you've wanted forever. I too recall driving in downtown Portland and getting very frustrated because of all the one way streets and the crazy traffic!!
I'm so glad you had a good interview, I can only imagine the stresses you felt beforehand. :cry:
see you in a week! :hehe:

on Saturday, August 12th, Rod said

Umm...sorry, I guess my computer sucks and I thought it froze up.I hit "post" a few too many times. Can you delete some of these postings?

on Saturday, August 12th, berry bowman connell said

OK, I've the worse joke on that matter
so, if yer queasy, don't read it till yer back.
Especially if yer flyin' over water....
heck, I just don't give them airlines any slack!

Ladies and gentlemen, please take yer
liquids, gels and bombs
and store them in yer cargo bags.

I told ya not t'read it till yer back!
Now you'll be a nervous wreck!

on Sunday, August 13th, berry bowman connell said

So, I've finally friends who are going t'Alaska,
Mostly by train and a couple short flights.
But, they seemed shocked when I asked 'em.
If they could put me in a box on the airplane, out'a sight.

OK, not really, they're going on their fiftieth anniversary
they leave here Tuesday, and though it's not necessary
I'm givin' them a picture of the Teton Study I had painted
And she's bringing me back photos I can use untainted.

Hope all is going well, gal, and yer flights are without trouble...
Sorry fer the bad joke, it wasn't meant t'scare ya.
If it did, I'll wash m'mouth out with soap till I bubble.
And hope y'had a safe trip back t'Alaska.

on Sunday, August 13th, onahon said

Give me a call when you get back. I miss you, but your blog keeps me up to date. I'm sure you were smashing bu the way. You always are.

on Sunday, August 13th, Kasia said

Have a great time:)

on Monday, August 14th, Elise said

Hey Berry, no worries about the joke, I wasn't concerned at all actually and the lines through security weren't bad at all.

And thanks Kasia! I did have a great time though traveling alone can be a little lonely at times.

OH, and Onahon, I almost missed your post! I got your phone message the other weekend and keep meaning to call you...I miss you so much and think of you all the time. I will try to call soon...what's my problem?