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08/29/2006: "Glork!"

This morning my soon-to-be new boss in Centralia emailed me to find out what my official start date will be so he can draw up a contract (Dec. 4th FYI). Then my current boss asked me for help with the paperwork for hiring my replacement. This double whammy hit home for me that the move is *real*.

So then, this afternoon, the sun came out for the first time in weeks. Brian and I went sailing after work and it was a perfect day on the water…windy and gorgeous. Bri was a great first mate too; he’s a fast learner and mellows me out.

Aaron (who has a matching Catalina 22) was also out sailing with friends and afterwards we all met up at the Island Pub…I’ve been there way too much in the past couple of weeks but I’ve been having such a great time..Can you say smores pizza boys and girls?

Everything around me seems to have taken on the rarified light of preciousness: my job, co-workers, the landscape, and especially my friends. Why couldn’t it have at least kept raining today?

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on Wednesday, August 30th, Daniel said

Living in the desert as made me miss the water more than ever. I grow jealous everytime you mention sailing. How long did it take you to feel completely comfortable with your sailing skills before purchasing a boat?

on Wednesday, August 30th, Elise said

Hi Daniel!
I actually didn't know how to sail at all when I bought the boat. Some friends had taken me out on and I thought it was really fun and then a month or so later they decided to sell it, so I bought it on an impulse.

Afterwards I signed up for a short sailing class (where they take you out on the equivalent of sunfish) it lasted a weekend or two...but mostly I just picked it up by going out a lot. At first with people who knew how to sail (for saftey reasons)...

Anyway, I think this is my 4th summer with the boat and I'm finally starting to feel really confident sailing it and taking it out with people who don't know how to sail. Next time you move, you should look at places on the water and I would highly recommend getting a sailboat!

(I should also mention that I can sail where I'm moving to and that it's also a very beautiful spot).

on Wednesday, August 30th, marja-leena said

Living by the sea, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've never even been in a sailboat! I guess because I haven't got sailing friends. Sure you don't want to move to Vancouver?

on Wednesday, August 30th, willow said

Elise, glad to hear you were enjoying a bit of sunshine! Wish I lived a little closer so I could come for a sail too!

on Wednesday, August 30th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena...actually, you really should try to get out sailing if you've never tried, it is amazing and I'm sure there are several sailing associations in Vancouver, most of them have sign-up lists for people who want to crew (many of whom do not know how to sail) but here anyways, people are always willing to take new people out on the water...sailors tend to be a good group of people!

And Willow, it was only a very small bit of sunshine, and it's long gone today. You must have lots of opportunities on your little island, right?