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08/30/2006: "Mood swing anyone?"

Today I had coffee with Robin (friend and history prof) and later had conversations with Patrick (friend in institutional research who may want to buy Rozinante) and Virgil (Ed prof). It turns out all of them are from the area where I’ll be moving to in December and they all told me (individually) of all the amazing things I’ll get to do down there.

Robin went so far as to introduce me to a couple of his artist friends, Stella Mars in Olympia, and Rebecca Staebler in Centralia who owns a funky gallery/boutique and knows all the local artists. She's already contacted me and seems excited to meet me and had some incredibly positive things to say about Centralia and their budding art scene. How cool is that? Seems like every other person I talk to lately is either from the general area or has spent many years there and all of them have nothing but wonderful things to say about it.

It has me feeling a lot less…regretful, regarding my decision. Due to personal (and recently irrelevant) reasons of my own, I think I may have let my overly active imagination build "Juneau" up into something disproportionate to reality. You know, reality usually hurts a good deal more than fantasy but at least it is real. N'est ce Pa?

oh, and every day you gaze upon the sunset
with such love and intensity
why it's's almost as if
you could only crack the code
then you'd finally understand what this all means

ah, but if you you think you would
trade in all, all the pain and suffering?
ah, but then you'd miss
the beauty of the light upon this earth
and the sweetness of leaving

Calling All Angels – Jane Siberry

Replies: 11 Comments

on Wednesday, August 30th, holly said

I am *so* excited for you and your new beginning!

on Wednesday, August 30th, Elise said

I'm excited for you too Holly, and your new bike. I think one of the only major purchases I'm going to make in Centralia is a new bike. I've decided to live in Centralia instead of Olympia, so I can ride a bike to work. One of the pros for moving there was that the improved weather would make it easier for me to do the kinds of outdoors activities I was obsessed with *before* I moved to a rainforest. I've gained a lot of weight here and it is my number one priority to get into better shape and a long commute in a car polluting the atmosphere isn't going to move me closer to that goal.

Any tips for buying a new bike that I'll be riding primarily on the road but possibly off road from time to time?

on Thursday, August 31st, Kasia said

You can turn the clock to zero, honey
I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money
We're starting up a brand new day

Turn the clock all the way back
I wonder if she'll take me back
I'm thinking in a brand new way

Turn the clock to zero, sister
You'll never know how much I missed her
Starting up a brand new day

Turn the clock to zero, boss
The river's wide, we'll swim across
Started up a brand new day

by Sting of course :))

on Thursday, August 31st, holly said

I'm heading off to teach, but I'll come up with some good choices for you later today or tomorrow. I think I may even know of a good bike shop in that area!

on Thursday, August 31st, Elise said

Hi Kasia...that song reminds me of the Millenium, it was playing on the radio a lot in late 1999, back when there were Y2K fears, but it is a really upbeat, positive song, thanks for the reminder!

And Holly, good luck in your class, sounds like you have better students this semester, that must be nice! If you could make some suggestions, even on a bike shop, that would be fantastic.

on Thursday, August 31st,">Rob Roys said


on Thursday, August 31st, Elise said

Hey Rob!
When are you gonna let me cook for you and Pagan?

on Thursday, August 31st, Elise said

Before you answer, I should mention that I've cleaned my dishes since the last time you were over and I have actual glass plates we can eat off of...

Sound tempting?

on Friday, September 1st,">Sam B said

Elise, it sounds really tempting to me. If Rob doesn't take you up on it I wil, my place or yours?

on Friday, September 1st, greg said

Very nice!! I'm glad you got yourself linked up with Oly artists, even deciding to keep the commute close and not moving there. I was worried I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING to ease the transition for you somehow. I'm sure it's stressful, and I hate think about brother and sister artists dealing with "unknown fears" ... but my buddy has been too busy to contact me it seems with the info I was looking into for you. I feel a charge of triumph knowing you took care of it! :laugh:

on Friday, September 1st, Elise said

Hi Sam, unfortunately, that's a non-transferable offer on dinner.
And Greg, it's very sweet that you wanted to help me out but I think I'm pretty set so far...


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