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08/31/2006: "Riding in the back of trucks and other things your mama told you not to do..."

Today was the first day of classes and I *love* the energy the students bring back to campus. This morning one in my department brought me a caramel latte as a “first day of school” present…how sweet! Then Ken (a former student of mine) popped in to say hi and told me about free salsa dancing lessons that happen regularly at this bar downtown called the Rendezvous.

Right after that another friend emailed me this story about Dancefest 2006. {I was going to take ballroom dancing lessons this fall but the truth is, once I sign up for things like that I usually don’t feel like going any more. I just hate feeling “committed” to anything…that’s why I’ve never liked team sports.} But Dancefest sounds like a blast:

“Dancefest 2006, a four-day event at Centennial Hall, will bring together seven pairs of instructors, one zydeco teacher and two guest bands to teach 11 different types of partner-dance. The festival begins Friday, Sept. 1, runs through Monday, Sept. 4, and will spill out to the Rendezvous and the Alaskan Hotel & Bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.” Cool!

But...I also think it would be fun to go sailing...or camping out at Eagle Beach with a big bon fire...I haven't slept in a tent in almost 2 years...which reminds me…the song "Miami, My Amy" came on the radio this afternoon...I hadn't heard it since I was in my early twenties...back when I lived in Anchorage and used to hang out with Chris Cromer from Virginia who was a huge country music fan.

Rick, Jenni, Chris and I used to throw all of our gear in Chris's truck and head out for the weekend. Once Jenni and I rode to Valdez under a blue tarp in the back of Chris's truck; it was raining and we sang and laughed the whole way (and didn't realize how dangerous that was) but god, it's amazing how a song can, in an instant, bring back a thousand sweet memories…the sound of the rain on the tarp, the pretty blue light on Jenni’s beautiful face, and just being with friends who let you be as silly and unguarded as a 5 year old.

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on Thursday, August 31st, berry bowman connell said

Posted a painting of Romeo this eve.
Also made the first attempt to open dialogue with Brian Wallace about the picture.

A local wolf care area (Battle Ground Park) has expressed interest in getting funds from the sale of same. Not sure how I'm gonna get that done quickly, though.

Ah, the adventures of life....

on Thursday, August 31st, Elise said

I like the Romeo painting Berry, especially all the texture, painting snow is a real bitch because there's no depth to it (on it's own) ...and the eyes are very piercing too. Good job and good luck with Brian.

on Saturday, September 2nd,">Max said

Love Your blog! Thanks!!!!!

on Saturday, September 2nd, Elise said

Thanks Max!