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09/01/2006: "Oil Spill in Lebanon"

Why aren't we hearing more about this oil spill in Lebanon. Be sure to check out the underwater video, it's so disgusting.

I can't believe that with a huge ecological disaster of this magnitude, the US press has been giving so much air time to crap like the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect and MTVs 25th anniversary. WTF?

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on Friday, September 1st, holly said

*gasp* Didn't you hear? Jessica Simpson's voice cracked during the Today Show! It was on the front of CNN's website!
1: Who?
2: Who cares?

I'm not even gonna watch that spill vid. How sad.

(No bikes tonight-- I'm still looking for good dealers for you!)

on Saturday, September 2nd, berry bowman connell said

Don't like the oil spills
not anywhere anytime.
Poor ol' animals tryin' t'get out'a that slime!
Heck, I heard they were still cleaning,
and correct me if you please
the oil spill from the ship, the
exxon valdez?

Dang! Thinks me that
people don't realize
just how important wildlife is
to everyone of our lives!

on Sunday, September 3rd, Elise said

Hi Holly, thanks sooo much for checking for good dealers for me (naughty!)...

And yah Berry, oil spills pretty much suck no matter what. I think the Exxon Valdez spill has "officially" been cleaned by Exxon is dragging their hills in paying the legal punative damages to fishermen etc. and the resources still aren't as 100% pristine as before the spill.

on Sunday, September 3rd, Kasia said

I am terrified and paralysed? How long will this last? How many mistakes can we still make? :O

on Sunday, September 3rd, Elise said

Isn't it disgusting?