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09/03/2006: "The joy of discovering you knew more than you thought you did!"

It was sunny again today! I went to this spot I love that’s under a tree on a tiny hill by some soccer fields. A raven on a branch right above me was squaking like mad and started throwing berries at me…I held my ground though! I have a way with the wild animals. One time on a camping trip, (I’m not making this up) a squirrel would go, pull up a mushroom, run up a tree and throw it at me (it had good aim too) then it would run back down, pull up another, and do it again. This went on for quite awhile, I couldn’t stop laughing which I think that just pissed him off more.

So, after my read/nap in the park, I decided to try and single-hand my sailboat. Now, I have to say that this is something I’ve wanted to do since I first got the boat but there were so many scary bits involved they seemed insurmountable. But then last night Aaron was teasing me for never having tried taking my boat out alone before. He is very confident on the water and makes everything look incredibly effortless. He showed me how he single-hands his C22 and it didn’t seem that hard soooo….

I tried it and I was absolutely amazed at how easy it was, and I mean, everything! Getting in and out of the slip, raising the sails, tacking, running wing on wing…nothing was even challenging. I felt really excited and happy that I was able to do it after all, and felt silly for not having tried sooner. It will always be a lot more fun to sail with friends but I can’t always find crew and now I know I can still go out anyway.

Now I’m off to celebrate…Rob is having a spur of the moment “sun” party, though the sun is currently MIA. Still, considering I thought he had abandoned me as a friend I’m not going to miss my chance to hang out.

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on Monday, September 4th, greg said

Sounds exhilirating! Nice job! The benefits of having an not-too large craft ... and good on yer for painting too!:D

Have you decided what will happen to your boat when you move? After checking with my bro, I have to make a correction. I thought they motored a 60' craft from Vancouver to Juneau in 9 days, but it was actualy 18 days, with 2 off for weather.

on Monday, September 4th, Elise said

Hi Greg! Yah, that sounds more realistic about the time it took your brother to move their boat...

As for mine, I'm not sure what I'll do. I really don't want to sell it but I don't think I can move it to WA very affordably and I don't think I can pay slip fees in two places sooo..I'm going to have to decide soon but I have no idea.