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09/05/2006: "Under the weather..."

From Tony Carroll at the Juneau Empire:

"If a typical day in Juneau includes some rain, the past five months have been typical enough to set a weather record.

Measurable precipitation was recorded on 109 of 153 days from April through August, surpassing the record of 106 days set in the soggy spring and summer of 1973, according to Michael Mitchell, a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Juneau.

He doesn't see a dry day coming anytime soon."

Replies: 6 Comments

on Tuesday, September 5th, Kasia said

Die Schade as the Germans say. It must be really hard to stand the rain all the time. After a few rainy days I feel my bones are wet and are starting to rotten.

on Tuesday, September 5th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, what does "die schade" mean in English.

I moved to Juneau from Hawaii and hated it here at first, but then grew to love it. I still do, but the rain never got any easier for me. I think Washington state will be a nice change.

on Thursday, September 7th, greg said

Yep, everything here is dried to crisp tinder! I just heard the reminents of a pacific hurricane is now headed your way! :O

on Thursday, September 7th, Elise said

Hey Greg, are you serious? Leftover Hurricane goodness?

We got sooo much rain during the summer that now that we're entering into our rainy season, the ground is already completely saturated. We've been have small creeks flooding and the like already.

I wish there was a way we could distribute the rain a little better. We'll all be living in bio-domes before too long!

on Thursday, September 7th, Sam said

Want me to bring you soup?

on Thursday, September 7th, Elise said

Uh, that's a negative sam...thanks though.