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09/10/2006: "Namaste"

Emotionally Iíve been all over the map lately. I spent most of Friday night lying on the couch in a semi-vegetative state. Not reading or listening to music; just lying there steeping in the proverbial ďitĒ...and not in a good way.

Then Saturday I felt great. I worked on a painting, went for a hike in the rain, took out my recycling, and was invited to two dinner parties, one of which I actually attended! And when I got home a friend called me from the street in front of my house to come up for a glass of wine and a long heart to heart talk, which was just what I needed.

Now this morning Iíve started yoga again and I'm learning meditation. Oooooh, I forgot how wonderful it feels to just stretch and *not* think. I have what you'd call an "unquiet mindĒ, I think that's why I enjoy painting so much, because it shuts off my inner dialogue completely.

Anyway, getting healthy is something I like to throw myself into. I think the best Iíve ever felt physically was when I was practicing macrobiotics. Itís not just about what you eat, but other things like the kind of fabrics you wear and using a loofa everyday to promote healthier circulation. Iím also starting to drink more water and replace *some* of my daily coffee with green tea.

Itís all part of my larger goal to take stock, figure out what the hell Iím doing with my life, and regain some balance. What daily rituals help *you* stay centered of feel more mentally focused? Iím totally open to suggestions, the key being ďsustainabilityĒ.

falling (27k image)

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on Sunday, September 10th, subi said

i need balance too. and yoga!!! i think we need to start a get well club!!!!

on Sunday, September 10th, Elise said

Hey Subi, you and I can be its charter members!
I just got off the phone with my sister Jenny and she's been on a real health kick for almost a year now; it feels good to have someone else to strategize with.

on Monday, September 11th, willow said

Count me in!

It was a beautiful sunny and windy day here yesterday with some beautiful giant fluffy clouds sailing across the sky. I made the effort to go for a long walk on the beach, joined a friend for lunch, and went to a fiber artists group all afternoon. We sat outside in the sunshine and fresh air, working on our projects!

(Raising my glass of carrot juice...) "Here's to being more active!"

on Monday, September 11th, Kasia said

The same thing with me. !! I am trying to be healthy. finnally. No coffe, no supper, no fat. And of course yoga. These precious moments when I can let everything go are the best for my peace of mind.
But I've learnt that meditation is not all about not thinking but about taking a look at your thoughts and let them go away. And then let some other thoughts come. It really teaches me more more about myself.

on Monday, September 11th, holly said

Apropos of just feeling good in general, do you have a juicer? I was lazy with ine this year, but the past couple years I was having a blast coming up with all manner of spectacular juices that really gave me a boost. For a while, there were four or five of us riding together at once and when we got back to my house, I'd run in to the fridge and grab the pitcher of juice I'd made the night before and we'd all sit in the yard buzzing on endorphins and pure juice. You can get juicers fairly cheap and there recipes all over the place.

Yay for feeling good!

on Monday, September 11th, Elise said

hey Willow, sounds like you had a beautiful day there! I think we have a forecast for a possible break in the weather on Thursday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed but yesterday I went for another walk even though the rain was *really* coming down.

And Kasia, if you're trying to be healthy you probably shouldn't skip meals or cut out fat all together. Some fat (the good kind, like in fish and oilve oil) is really important and good for you.

The thing that helps me lose weight the absolute fastest, is by cutting out the simple white rice, pasta, and bread (whole grain is fine), that's me being preachy but it really does work.

As for meditation, I'm not sure how it works yet, as I'm just learning how to do it for the first time, but I like the idea of being able to let my thoughts go, particularly the negative ones.

on Monday, September 11th, Elise said

Hi Holly, you must have posted while I was posting above...

I *do* have a juicer, but I quit using it and here's why.

When you make juice you're essentially removing all of the fiber and yes, the viatamins remain, but so does the sugar. Without the fiber there's nothing to slow down how quickly the body absorbs the sugar in your blood stream, and when you have too much sugar in your blood it converts to fat in your system for storage.

Now, in your case Holly where you're off doing bad ass thousand mile bike rides that's probably just what you're body needs, but I'm not there yet. I need all the fiber I can get!

on Monday, September 11th, holly said

That's really interesting, because I *crave* juice after a ride, but not really any other time-- must be the sugar I'm after. I never thought about that before!

You will get there!

on Monday, September 11th, Elise said

I hope I will get there soon...I'm waiting to get my new bike until I get down to Centralia but I'm really looking forward to it.

I had a dr. appt. today and told her that I've started doing yoga and she said I have to start doing cardio workouts 5 times a week.


I hate working out indoors and it's the only game in town here in the land of infinite rain.

I'm going to try though, I really am quite the blob these days.