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09/17/2006: "Salmon Enchanted Evening"

So, La Fiesta Tomlinson ended up being a lot of fun. Mike had invited me to go out fishing earlier in the day but I was busy with getting ready so then he showed up at the party with a massive salmon he'd just caught! The photo of me fake kissing it doesn't really do it justice, its tail was almost touching the floor. Thanks Mike!

party-fish (39k image)

The other highlight of the night was when one of our history professors had everyone gather around to watch You've Been Kicked in the Nuts. High quality entertainment.

The topic of my upcoming departure came up several times and I was starting to feel worn down. Aaron came over this morning to hang out for awhile and agreed not to bring it up anymore. He also gave me a book called Being Peace by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

I've been reading it tonight and it's wonderful. Heavy reading but makes so much sense and makes me feel better already. I have to have a medical thing done tomorrow (nothing major) but it has me freaked because I hate going to the doctor. I'm going to bring it with me to the hospital to read while I'm waiting to mellow me out, I think it will help. Thanks Aaron!

Anyway, I won't be back online until Tuesday (if all goes well)...wish me luck!

Replies: 8 Comments

on Monday, September 18th, holly said

Hope everything goes smoothly with the doc!

on Tuesday, September 19th, Elise said

Thanks Holly, I'm back at work but it seems somehow that missing one day of work puts me about a week behind schedule!

what strange law of physics can explain that to me?

on Wednesday, September 20th, holly said

If you miss a day of work and actually have fun doing it, it will set you back *two* weeks!

on Friday, September 22nd, subi said

meant to write earlier how cute you are here!!!

on Friday, September 22nd, Elise said

You're sweet! Hey, I meant to ask you, what did you mean by kwim? in the earlier post? Was that a typo?

on Friday, September 22nd, Elise said

And Holly, I guess it's a good thing then, that I was in the hospital!

on Saturday, September 23rd, subi said

kwim= know what i mean?


on Saturday, September 23rd, Elise said

aha, know I kwym.