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09/26/2006: "Marine Park - Photo blog..."

The weather cleared up a little yesterday afternoon so I took my lunch break down in marine park. I got a blackened salmon Ceasar salad from the Hangar on the Wharf (See the photo of the blue building with the float plane in front) and then ate in the park.

It's raining again today so I'm happy I was able to be outside while it was nice out. I know these photos are more snap shots, but it gives you an idea of what the park looks like this time of year. Most of the leaves are already gone.

Also, the one of the tundra is a close-up of the top of the mountain in the first photo! I have a large, wallpaper sized version too, that is *much* more impressive. Here, I love the fall color of the tundra much more than of the leaves.

downtown-juneau-cbj (67k image)

autumn-tundra-mid (94k image)

hangar-on-the-warf-juneau-alaska (82k image)

marine-park2-juneau-alaska (56k image)

marine-park3-juneau-alaska (100k image)

marine-park-juneau-alaska (109k image)

In other news, I went down to my boat last night to go out for a quick sail and the hatch got left off the last time we went out! It was because I went out on Aaron's boat and forgot to close it up afterwards! It had been open for probably close to 2 weeks, for which it had been raining the entire time (hence the no sailing). It was FULL of water, and everything (I mean *everything*) was wet.

I had to bring everything home with me, and spent hours pumping all the water out. This morning my shoulders are killing me. I was working on a commission last night night until fairly late but had to stop because of the sore shoulder. Hopefully it will be better by tonight.

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on Tuesday, September 26th, berry bowman connell said

As it turns out, the person who originally contacted me about donating the art told me about Romeo.
They weren't sure if I would still donate it knowing that.
"yes, "
I love wildlife and think man has really taken advantage of something beautiful, turning it into something uncomprhensible and quite chaotic, ....well. If y'ask me, that is.

About the lack of pricing on the blog...
yes'm, that has occured to me since I've sold two pieces from there.
On the other hand, you remember how I was complimenting you on yer dot com? Yeah, that's the way t'go, I'm thinking.
And, since there are two big "middle man" groups out there, the thing is, using paypal, which I had set up fer a few months, we started getting daily notices about how the account had been corrupted and that we should contact so and so or whozit anyway, but, kinda knowing that these weren't real....just bait fer suckers....well. Wait a minute. How would we ever be able t'tell?
So, I closed the paypal account, which is no easy task in itself, and until I have a better bank system hooked up, I've been asking that customers send a check or money order, then I'll send the piece.

One gal sends cash.
Amazing in this day and age, but, then, aren't we all just a bit "off" as it were?

Love the pictures y'all have posted here. The one looks like a volcanoe ready t'blow...
but, I don't linger too long as it all makes me want t'get to the mountain end of the country again, and, well, I can't actually afford it yet.

So, be kind and don't use up he whole Pacific before I get out that-a-ways, eh?

And, gosh....when you said boats leak sometimes, well, I sort'a assumed that it was from small cracks or splits....
Y'know, there are far fewer leaks if y'close the hatch.
Not that I'm a pro, cause y'know how boats scare me...
but, it sounds right, doesn't it?
Closing the hatch will stop a realy big leak.

(ok, enough clowning around, eh? Next thing y'know you'll have me up there BAILING fer m'stupid jokes.)

on Tuesday, September 26th, marja-leena said

Gorgeous scenes, Elise! Thanks for sharing some peeks into your lovely part of the world. Sorry about the water in your boat, that'a what happens when we get distracted. (I flooded the kitchen once, leaving the tap running - but that's another story!)

on Tuesday, September 26th, Kasia said

Fantastic photos! I hope your shoulders are getting better! :)

on Tuesday, September 26th, willow said

Great pictures Elise! Hmmm, I think I recognize someone in one of them!

(Just kidding!) :P

on Tuesday, September 26th, Elise said

Hey Berry, I can help you with the paypal thing if you like, I've never had any problem with it except a couple weeks ago I accidentally deleted a receipt for payment from them because I thought it was spam but it's really easy to tell the difference if you're paying attention.

Oh, and don't worry about using up the pacific, there's more than enough to go round.

And hi Marja-leena! the boat was pretty much a nightmare...everything got wet AND slimey AND there was some king of strange fungi growing on the enterior walls and ceiling. I'm not finished cleaning yet but at least I got the water out.

I'm glad you like the photos Kasia! I'm going to go check your site soon to see if you've posted any from your neck of the woods...

and Willow, I thought you were being serious! I can just walk around and randomly photograph Juneauites if you'd like!

Anyway, today has been hectic. I'm teaching three classes in a row. Two research sessions for Humanities 120, a class on copyright and intelectual property for the Early Scholars program from the high school (Alaska Natives scholars program), and then finally my own class...LS110!

I don't know how high school teachers do it, teaching class after class back to back. I feel exhausted and I'm supposed to go to a life drawing session tonight, I don't know that I'll be up for it anymore. Where's the Red Bull?

on Tuesday, September 26th, Brian said

Great photos! My favorite is the one of the wharf.

It's amazing how much difference a day can make when it comes to the weather here in Juneau. I'd kill for blue sky and puffy white clouds today.

on Tuesday, September 26th, s/v Opportunity said

Sorry about the wet. I shoulda remembered. Double whups! Hey, are you drawing or painting @ the Ruby Room?

on Tuesday, September 26th, Elise said

Hey Bri, I really like being downtown around there, and the wharf in particular...when I went home after lunch it was sunny out, I was working on the computer for a couple hours and everything clouded up and got rainy, then by 5:30 or so it was mostly clear again. I guess you can never tell here.

And no worries about the wet did tell me you had done it and I should have remembered's a bummer but no one's fault.

btw, thanks for dinner! you made it all better.

on Wednesday, September 27th, RR said

Now I understand why you want to stay. Pics are beautiful.

on Wednesday, September 27th, Elise said

Thanks RR, it has its moments but as brian noted, the very next day it the weather turned abysmal. Its funny though, after my recent near miss with leaving, the rain isn't bothering me nearly as much as it used to.