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09/28/2006: "I won't let it go to my head..."

My friend and fellow librarian Amelia is reviewing a children’s book called “Alaska” (from the Celebrate the States series): “A profile of the biggest state, including its geography, history, economy, population, resources, famous citizens, and places of interest to visit.”

She emailed me yesterday to tell me that I’m quoted in it, just a blurb really, about how extraordinary the people are that I’ve met throughout the state, but what I liked about it is that after the quote they wrote, Elise Tomlinson – Artist.

So, I guess it’s official…I *really* am an artist!

wooldoor-sockbat-wheeee (3k image) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Also, I promised two of the students in that English 311 class (the one where I presented on the joys of blogging) that I would post links to their newly minted blogs. They are very eager to get comments and as many of you know out there, it's hard to get any traffic in the beginning. So, if any of you have a little spare time please check out:

Words from Way Up North
A blog by one of my former LS110 students (she has also purchased one of my paintings so that makes her a young supporter of the arts!)


Starmutt Art
An artist blog by an amazing Alaskan Native artist who works predominantly with wood and paper. Check out his work and though he doesn't have prices on them yet, the prints are for sale.

Enjoy, and thanks!

Replies: 9 Comments

on Thursday, September 28th,">Nattering Nabob of Negativity said

ooooo, blogging newbies.

Did you warn them that it might affect their employability?

on Thursday, September 28th, Elise said

I did!

on Thursday, September 28th, Chalise said

Thanks Elise for the support...and as far as supporting the arts it makes it easy with artists who create paintings that are easy to fall in love with...

on Thursday, September 28th, Chalise said the way CONGRATS on being official! WooHoo!

on Thursday, September 28th, Elise said

hey Chalise,
No problem and thanks for the compliment!

btw, I picked up your painting from the printers today; they're through with it, I just need to get the new frame and you can have it back. Thanks again for the loan!

on Friday, September 29th, berry bowman connell said

Wow. I like things like that carving. I try it once and a while, but have no patience t'finish them up well.
And, the "peepers" gal seems to turn a nice phrase.
You can't help t'be good, Elise. You have so much talent around you it MAKES you be better.

on Friday, September 29th, Elise said

Thanks Berry! That's nice of you to say. I really was impressed with those carvings as well. I used to do sculptures (I was originally a sculpture major in school) and wood was my main medium but I never got any good at hands always cramped up really badly.

I'm better at woodworking though, my grandpa did a lot of carpentry and I loved watching him work. It really put the "scent of fresh wood" fever in me! I still have it I suppose.

on Monday, October 2nd,">Edward said

:D Thanks Elise, that was fast. I've been busy at SeAlaska and they put me in thier artist gallery online. Thank you again.
Edward Raub, Starmutt

on Monday, October 2nd, Elise said

Hi Edward,
That's great that SeAlaska has added you to their online artist cool is that?

I hope that you'll be very successful!