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10/03/2006: "Life drawing, late night phone calls, and self-esteem"

So, it’s almost time for my life drawing session at the Ruby Room (which I really want to go to) but I’m feeling dead tired. This week I have a crazy, unrealistic amount of work due at my day job. That “balance” of which I was so smugly referring…is gone.

Yesterday I worked from home but the weather was so nice I kept taking little breaks, like to run down to my sailboat (where I took down the main sail for the season)…or out for lunch at the A&P. The sum result is that I had to keep working into the night.

I got a call from my sister in Anchorage wanting to know if I’d like to wish her a happy birthday. Doh! Sometimes I feel like such a failure at all the little social conventions we’re supposed to adhere to. Remembering birthdays and all that, I’m terrible at it but I know it’s important to people and it makes me feel like a cad.

Anyway, I tried to get to bed relatively early but got another call (the *new* me is trying answer my phone more) from a friend who knows I’m usually up late; I’d been lying in bed awake for over an hour anyway. Oh, I could say some things about our conversation…only I can’t, for various reasons. I know he was trying to give me a bit of an ego boost, but it sort of made me feel even worse (don't worry about it, you tried!)...Ooops…I better get going if I plan to make it in time.
It's later and I did go to the life drawing session. The model was excellent! This one's from a longer pose; it still has some problems but I feel like I'm loosening up again.

ruby-room-life-drawing-oct-4 (63k image)

Replies: 11 Comments

on Wednesday, October 4th, Kasia said

The drawing looks absolutely great! Is this model of Indian origin?

on Wednesday, October 4th, Howard Penning said

Hey Elise, your life drawing looks great. Life drwaing is just one of those things I never seem to have time for even though theres a number of places that offer it around here.

on Wednesday, October 4th, Elise said

hi Kasia, no, actually she had red hair, that's just the way I drew her.

And Howard, time is a big consideration, I've been really busy at work on Tuesdays and by the end of the day I practically have to drag myself down to the gallery where the sessions are.

Still, once I get there I know that I'll feel reinvigorated. It's so much fun being around all those other artists, I've met new people both times I've gone. You should try to make time to go to just one, and you'll probably get hooked!

on Wednesday, October 4th,">Natalie Shelton said

Hi there, I am a UAA Journalism student enrolled in the Magazine Writing course. For my next story, I would like to profile Alaskan artists and what they like/dislike about being in Alaska. I think that you would make a great contribution to this article and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions via E-mail. After many drafts, I am hoping to turn in my finished article to Alaska Magazine for publication. Please let me know if you would be interested in contributing and I will send you the questions I have thought of thus far. Thanks for your time! Natalie Shelton">

on Wednesday, October 4th, Elise said

Sounds fun Natalie, send me the questions and I'll do my best.

As an Alaskan Artist who very nearly moved away recently, I've been thinking about this issue a lot lately.

on Friday, October 6th, Judy Vars said

:laugh:Love it her big toe looks like my big toe.

on Saturday, October 7th, RR said

I love your drawings Elise - except they make me feel like such a failure. You have such a lovely distinctive style....I'm still searching for mine :hehe:

on Saturday, October 7th, Elise said

Oh, thanks for saying so RR but your drawings are great...and don't worry about searching for your style, it will find you! I never set out to draw or paint in a particular way, it just happened.


on Monday, October 9th,">Jen said

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me....J/K. I didn't mean to make you feel like a jerk when I called. I thought it was pretty funny actually. Since George is gone and my day consisted of grocery shopping I needed a good laugh with my big sis. And that we did! BTW, great drawing-she's got my belly ;)

on Friday, October 13th, Dennis said

Hello Elise,
You site is loading slower due the the comment sections. The more comments, the slower the loading. It says it on Blogger FAQ's somewhere.....Dennis

on Saturday, October 14th, Elise said

Hi Jenny, I missed your comment somehow, I didn't feel like too much of a jerk because I know you love me!

And thanks for the tip Dennis, I don't use blogger as my blogging software (I use Greymatter) but it's possible. I have just had times where I've had *a lot* more comments where it still loaded really fast.

And it seems like other areas of my site are loading slower than normal as well.

hmmm, thanks for your input though, I'll check that out.