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10/06/2006: "Slow load"

So, it seems like my site has been taking a lot longer than usual to load lately. And not just from my computer, but from other computers with different connections. Has anyone else noticed that? I don't think I have larger files sizes than usual posted or anything, it has me perplexed. Can anyone think of a reason why that might happen?

In other news, I'm having my boat hauled out of the water this afternoon so I can paint the bottom and change the zinc this weekend. I'm already starting to feel anxious about it. I'll be motoring it over to the the boat yard and the weather is not good. There I'll have to navigate between some pilings and between two big slings which have to go on either side of the keel. I'm sure I'll do fine, it's just that I've never had to do it alone so I don't have a lot of confidence in myself...yet.

I've posted this image before, but here's a picture of Rozinante the last time I had her hauled. Anyway, it's great having a boat but it has its down sides too. Wish me luck!

Oh yah, and I met another sailor yesterday...Brian (new faculty member) came and introduced himself and said he'd heard I was a good person to talk to about sailing here. He's looking to buy a 40 foot sailboat to live aboard and wants to get involved in the racing next summer. He seems very enthusiastic, so it looks like we will be getting a new addition to the fleet very soon.

rozinante-hauled (59k image)

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on Friday, October 6th, Judy Vars said

I'm having some frustration uploading pictures today gurrr :angry:
I learned to sail when I first arrived and loved it but I haven't done it for several years. I'd be perfectly happy with just a little skiff or a catamaran.

on Saturday, October 7th, Elise said

There is something nice about having a small boat. I'm constantly shocked at how much keeping this boat costs. Still, it's my favorite thing that I own and I don't own an expensive car or anything so I can tolerate the time, energy, and money that goes into keeping her afloat.

on Saturday, October 7th, dad said

ever concider to paint a few sail boats they seem to do well at times, you got the perfect back drop

on Sunday, October 8th, RR said

Haven't noticed your site taking longer Elise. The boat looks lovely.

on Sunday, October 8th, Elise said

Hey papa, I did have an idea for a painting with a sailboat, but i have so many ideas I can't get to them all.

And thanks for letting me know about the load time RR, it must be our network provider here in Juneau.

on Monday, October 9th,">Big loads load slow said

I was just to myself that the load time is really slow and thinking something is wrong.

on Monday, October 9th, Elise said

hey Rob, have you noticed that for other sites or just mine? Do you think it's a GCI thing?

It's really making me crazy.