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10/17/2006: "Back to the drawing board..."

Well, as usual I'm *way* (as in crazy) behind at work again. I *was* going to stay late again tonight and try to get even slightly more caught up, but then I decided it was more important to my mental health to make it to my life drawing session tonight at the Ruby Room.

I had to work late last Tuesday night and missed it and I felt so disappointed. Plus, I want to get there early so I can get a good seat! If I do anything un-horrible I'll post it later tonight. It is one of the few artistic things that I'm doing these days.

OK, it's are a few of the drawings I did tonight:

life-drawing-twist1 (30k image)

life-drawing-sitting (64k image)

life-drawing-downward-dog (53k image)

life-drawing-standing (39k image)

The drawing session turned out to be a lot of fun, I had to draw on a smaller than normal sized perfectly square drawing pad but it turned out ok I think.

After the drawing session I met up with Aaron and we went out for pizza. He's been getting into drawing lately too so we took out all of our drawing gear and compared pencils, erasers, charcoal, sharpeners etc. It was fun playing show and tell with our drawings too, he's working on some Tlingit designs that looked really good.

It's fun to be around someone just getting into's so exciting when you're just starting out...However, I don't know about you, but it's still just as exciting for me, all these years later! Am I right?

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on Wednesday, October 18th, Judy Vars said

I really love your sketches and your style. any pointers?

on Wednesday, October 18th, Elise said

Hi Judy,



Well, I like to use a thin piece of vine charcoal for outlining the figure, since it's so easy to wipe away if you make a mistake you can make bolder strokes.

Then if I create a line that I really like, I'll go over it with a harder charcoal.

Also, I like to use a white "charcoal" pencil for doing the shading...and removing ghosting from poorly drawn vine lines.

That's about it really. If a figure runs long, I don't always like to do the whole thing, I concentrate on parts of the body that interest me.

The main thing is just to draw and try and stay loose and not worry or try to make it "perfect" because in a 5 or 10 minute pose there just isn't time!

on Wednesday, October 18th, Jackie said

E: Yeah - I think taking drawing or any art class is pretty fun - I like to see what the other students are doing, and it's just energizing. It's wierd, cuz I don't really like to work on my art if someone is in the room - looking over my shoulder, or whatever. I pretty much get lost in what I'm doing, and can't be 'bothered' to relate to someone else nearby. As a result, I always had a hard time creating when I was in an art class. I usually worked on my projects at home. :blush:

on Wednesday, October 18th, Elise said

hi Jackie, you know, I can't work with someone else in the room either...especially if they're watching me or watching me draw/paint whatever.

The drawing sessions I'm going to are open sessions, not a class, and the seating is such that you can sit in chairs in the back of the room, or up closer on the floor.

I sit in the back, where no one can watch me draw. Sometimes the models come around and want to see what you've done (or other artists) most of the time I just leave my pad closed.

I'll share the ones that turn out, but there are a lot of pretty terrifying miscalculations in there as well!

on Thursday, October 19th, marja-leena said

Well I think it's great that you are making time out of your busy workday to go to the life drawing sessions! Keeps the creative juices flowing and the hand in practice!

on Thursday, October 19th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena,
It actually makes me feel a little less guilty for all the other art work I'm not getting done. But, I know I'll get started soon, I'm currently working on a commission that's taking a lot longer than I planned.

on Friday, October 20th,">Over your shoulder said

I really enjoyed that session too. The model was great, and there was a good vibe in the room. I also feel like I am getting my drawing chops back.

I have to ask, what is up with those nipples? I was there, and my stuff is all circles and black splotches so I am not being all snooty. I just want to know what is going on in your head that they came out like that...

on Friday, October 20th, Elise said

First of all, I'm not trying to draw realistically eh, though it was a little chilly in there!

Plus, I like nipples as an architectural element on the body...they're sorta my thing...what can I say? Besides, all the other curves etc. are exaggerated as well.

Or, maybe I just like nipples a lot!