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11/06/2006: "Dear Diary..."

Well, I ended up having a fun and relaxing weekend. Saturday I went to my good friend Jen's baby shower and had tea and crumpits and ooohed and aaahhed over tiny furry baby things. I was less enthused by the graphic walks down memory lane all the moms started recounting regarding the actual birthing process, but I think it was helpful for Jen and that's the important thing.

Sat. night my friend Aaron and I went out for dinner and listened to my former guitar instructor and a bassist play jazz. They sounded great! Afterwards, we went to moving party thrown by some of Aaron's friends where they were giving away everything they couldn't take with them to Whitehorse (Yukon Territory). It was fun and I met some great people.

Sunday afternoon I went to the first Sunday life drawing session at the Ruby Room. There were only a couple of people which was kind of nice. It was easier to move around to find the best poses etc. The following are some of the drawings I did. I see oodles of problems with them but for relatively short poses, I think they turned out loads better than the ones I did last week. I still struggle with the hands and feet!

life-drawing-back (67k image)

life-drawing-stomach (83k image)

life-drawing-braids (81k image)

life-drawing-violin (57k image)

Last night I went and saw "The Departed". UCK! It got great reviews but it was so violent (not in a good clean zombie kind of way either) and depressing and I wish I hadn't seen it. When I got home Rod called and we stayed up into the wee hours talking. He told me about his trip to Ohio where he met Dave Chappel! (so jealous).

Today it's snowing and there are strong winds and I'm working from home though I also have to go in and work the night shift at the library which stinks because I'm feeling warm and cosy. Time to put the tracker into 4-wheel drive. Winter is officially here! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh yes, and if you're in Juneau there's a showing tonight of Iraq for Sale at the UAS Egan Lecture Hall at 8. It's supposedly very eye opening!

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on Monday, November 6th, holly said

Sorry, I didn't even read your entry-- I was too busy admiring these gorgeous drawings. Very nice!

on Monday, November 6th, Elise said

Thanks Holly, and no worries, the entry was tres-boring!

on Monday, November 6th, Kasia said

Great drawings!
And about "baby delivery" detailas - i hate that too. And women who actually do have babies seem to love sharing all their thiughts and experience withe ones who don't. And it is not easy to listen to them at times. :laugh:

on Monday, November 6th,">Julie said

I think the drawings are great! I have been thinking about going to the life drawing sessions, but I work nights... Sunday afternoon might work! I would have to hide my work though, if you think yours is bad.

I have been reading your blog for a few months, and love your insights... artist=philosopher and it's really helpful to find other people working throught the same issues you are. BTW, I went to UAA 1990-1993 and remember Edwin, I still have some of my drawings of him with the hula-hoop! :D

on Monday, November 6th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia,
And I agree, it's *not* easy to hear the gory details!

And Julie, hi!!!

So, you're here in Juneau? That's great. I feel bad if you've been reading my blog in the past few months as it has not been up to par lately.

I haven't been working as much, or keeping this thing as updated as usual and I write a lot more about goings on, then actual art projects etc.

But I'm glad you've gotten something out of it and I look forward to meeting you. Please introduce yourself if you come to the next sunday session. Also, don't worry about your drawings looking bad. Mine from last week were a total nightmare. I felt humiliated. You can always sit in the back where no one can look over your shoulder...that's what I do!

on Tuesday, November 7th, Brian said

That's too bad you didn't enjoy The Departed. I thought it was excellent - intriguing story and good acting. Yes, it was a tad violent, so I can see how that would be a turn-off for some. I did see Quinceañera last weekend - yet another great movie at the Nickelodeon!

And I may be in the minority, but when a co-worker went through her pregnancy a couple years ago, I actually enjoyed hearing about the fun facts she learned in birthing class. Does that make me strange?

on Tuesday, November 7th, Elise said

I think the acting was superb and the story line interesting etc. I just don't think I was in the mood for that kind of film, and the ending is what threw me the most.
I'm bummed I missed Quinceanera, you know...I'd still like to be included in movie night from time to time!
as for the baby stuff, maybe it's interesting for guys because you know for certain you'll never have to go through it. For a woman who has never given birth it can be a bit terrifying!

on Tuesday, November 7th, willow said

Hola! Baby talk! There's a woman in my office who's daughter is about to have a baby and she's lecturing us all about it and how it is to be a mother, as if she's the only woman in the whole wide world who has ever given birth!

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest!

on Tuesday, November 7th, Elise said

No problem Willow...oh, and I did get your email, I'm just really behind in returning email at the moment!


on Wednesday, November 8th, RR said

These are fantastic for quick drawings Elise. You are so tallented.