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11/16/2006: "Timing is everything"

I've been so miserable the past couple of days and then this morning Alex called me from the airport. He's in town, which means I get to see him before he's off to Air Serv International, which is sooooo amazing. I am on my way to get him now (taking a personal day from work).


It just goes to show you that no matter how grim things may seem, there's always the chance that something wonderful will happen.

Later today...

juneau-snow-uas (74k image)
A shot from the campus cafeteria...

juneau-snow-uas2 (62k image)
Everything seems better when the sun is out.

Replies: 5 Comments

on Thursday, November 16th, Judy Vars said

Hi Elise,
Are you still in pain from the accident? Sorry about that. The wind id fearce here and without windchill its 8 below! Burrrrrr

on Friday, November 17th, subi said

good luck Alex!! call me or email if you're ever in Switzerland! that's like only a leap jump and a scratch from Congo! have fun you two!!!! and e. keep yr eyes peeled for fab poet positions! :P

on Friday, November 17th, Elise said

Hi Judy,
well...I'm not in pain from the accident anymore. I think the skiing and shoveling has probably been good at keeping things stretched out.

The low temps are one thing I really don't miss about south central alaska! I don't think I could ever move back there, even though I really do adore that part of the state, it's just too damn cold!

And subi, I'll keep my eyes peeled, but one of my good friends here in Juneau is also an amazing poet and she's been waiting for a tenure position in the English Dept. for something like 10 years I wouldn't hold your breath (unless you want to be a cruise ship poet?)

on Friday, November 17th, subi said

oh i see, i'm sanctioned to the harbour... :O surely i might dazzle a few old profs into early retirement? it could be an editing job for all that matters... harry is fine with moving back...but he has years left in school! and the schools are amaing here for the wee ones...are there bilingual schools there...and i hate waldorf, but i think they're at least bilingual (german / english) :cry:

on Friday, November 17th, Elise said

I have no doubt you could dazzle anyone you'll always be able to find a job...some of us are just like that...

As for bilingual schools, I don't think so. What is Waldorf?