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11/17/2006: "Being Peace, Part II"

Yesterday a co-worker I don’t know very well said “Elise, you know…you’ve really changed since the summer”...and it was a compliment. And she’s right. I have changed; sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.

I was so isolated, so convinced that’s how I wanted and needed to be in order to be a good “artist”…what crap! Real art is born of experience, of love and pain and being in the world.

I find I really can’t even watch TV anymore, not the way I used to. After one show I feel restless and bored. I want to *do* stuff, I want to be around real people, to talk and laugh and look into someone else’s eyes rather than stare at a screen.

Recently I’ve been feeling incredibly sad, but I’ve decided to let all that go. Just release it. Ultimately, we have the power within us to maintain our own sense of peace. It’s a matter of will. It’s a matter of remembering all the things we have: family, friends, health, employment, food and shelter…and *not* by dwelling on the things we don’t have.

I feel open to life’s possibilities in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt before. I have no regrets and no fear. In fact, I think I’m ready to start painting again…only this time, not to the exclusion of everything, and everyone. I wonder how my new work will reflect the new me?

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on Friday, November 17th, Daniel North said

It seems that so much of that new perspective could be due to the almost move away from the place you love. That near loss seems to be the wake-up call of a lifetime. Then again, maybe you just got your hands on some good eastern philosophy while the rest of us where watching tv.

on Friday, November 17th, Elise said

I think that the "near move" was part of it, there were other more private factors as well. Good things ultimately. I just feel like I've come out the other end changed for the better.

As for the TV, I'll never quit watching it full stop. But I *need* it a lot less.

on Friday, November 17th, Sam said

Welcome back Elise.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that:

A. you were really starting to neglect your readers.

B. I can't wait to see what you'll do next. Coming from you, I am sure it will be beautiful.

on Sunday, November 19th, RR said

Hi Elise, another wonderfully positive posting. It's so encouraging to hear. Can't wait to see what work you produce.

on Sunday, November 19th, Elise said

Thanks Sam, but I don't feel too bad for "neglecting" anyone...everyone needs a break from time to time...

And hi RR, I'm hopeful I'll produce something good, but even making total rot is better than not working at I right? I hope you're making lots of wonderful pieces, I'm looking forward to if you start posting again.

on Tuesday, November 21st, RR said

I think you're right. I'm trying to keep doing my art studies but the new job is so full on at the moment dedicated time and finding the required energy is a bit of a problem. Still, I am enjoying it all. I'm sure I'll get back to it one day soon. I've started another blog purely for an art networking module and if it's ok with you I'd like to put your blog on as a link so the others can see what a real artist does. It would be really interesting for the others I think.