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11/30/2006: "l'art est bon"

So, from midnight to 1pm yesterday, we got another 18 inches of snow! This was the coldest November on record for Juneau, and the second snowiest. It's funny, the guy who owns the bar next to me always offers to plow my drive but at the start of the snow this year I told him that I'd rather do it myself, that I "need the exercise", several massive snow storms later...I'm biting my tongue a little. A different neighbor whom I've never even met, did snow blow my huge berm for me. That was nice.

Tomorrow night some friends and I are going to do Gallery Walk, the biggest night of the year for art openings. I used to always have shows for Gallery Walk but I haven't for the past two years and it's really nice to be able to go out and see all the work (27 odd galleries coordinating shows) rather than be stuck in one opening. This could be the inspirational jump-start that I need to get working again. (I hope I hope)

Then later aaron and I are going to go see Bluerunners, billed as a "Cajun rock & cow-punk" band...from Lafayette, Louisiana. How cool is that??? One of the instruments in the band is a "lap steel guitar" I'm thinking similar to a dobro...remember when I got one? I was sooooo excited. I bought music books and a couple dvds on how to play...Aside from a couple of drunkenly embarassing attempts during parties at my house, I've never played the thing. Why is it so easy to get obsessed with something and then totally get tired with it the next?

Replies: 2 Comments

on Monday, December 4th, dad said

you should have stayed with the flute :P :satisfied:

on Tuesday, December 5th, Elise said

what about the tenor sax?