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12/05/2006: "And then a bunch more stuff happened..."

I guess I've slowly become one of those lame bloggers (no offense) who only post once or twice a week! Well, maybe for the time being, but I'm sure I'll pick up more steam once I get working regularly again.

Just to get caught up from my last post...Gallery Walk was excellent. My favorite was the exhibit at the REACH gallery which had some amazingly fresh work. One painting of a sailboat really blew me away; it wasn't for sale but I wanted it so badly (I still do).


Then there was a Alaskan Native art demo at the city museum and I ended up winning the drawing for a beautiful hand-carved pendant! YEAH! I also saw a woman I worked with for the How to Exhibit Your Work, workshop I helped give this summer. She wants me to give another one there at the City Museum, which I think would be fun...though I'd feel somewhat like a poser since I have been so off my marketing game lately.

After Gallery Walk, Aaron and I went to that Cajun dance and had the best time. I really forgot how much I love to dance, as I hadn't been out dancing in the longest time. Once I get started, I feel like I never want to stop. Please Sir, I want some more...

The whole weekend was fun actually, it snowed another 18 inches!...Sat. night Aaron watched Shaun of the Dead with me (good sport) and then he made a great playlist in Napster inspired by the soundtrack.

Sunday morning, one of my closest friends here in Juneau had a baby girl (5 weeks early) but both are doing well. Baby (Candence) is teeny tiny, and just perfect! I skipped Sunday drawing to hang around home in case my friend needed me for anything and so I drew Aaron instead. I may post one of those drawings later if I get around to it. One looks just like Frankenstein (unintentionally of course), he really doesn't look like that...I was just getting tired!

Oh, then today I met with fellow artist Charity Green for lunch. She's in a similar slump as me and talking about it helped remind me how common these dry spells really are and also inspired me to get back to work. Tonight I went to the Tuesday night drawing session and did a few drawings that weren't too terrible. I'm glad that despite my lack of painting, I'm still drawing regularly, which is better than nothing.

Overall, I feel like there is some form of creativity in my life on a daily basis and that's the most important thing. More important than finishing paintings, working on my website, or making sales. I *think* about art everyday...but I *worry* about it less...which is a step in the right direction...wouldn't you say?

campus-snow-fog (50k image)

Oh, and it's warming up here...rain for the first time in over a hoo

Replies: 13 Comments

on Wednesday, December 6th, greg said

Sounds like a good and lively bunch o'stuff happening! Enjoy!

Nice photo too. How cold is it up thar?

on Wednesday, December 6th, Elise said

Hi Greg! hmmm, this morning it's 36 degrees...with rain forecast for the rest of the week.

How about down south?


on Wednesday, December 6th, willow said

Here in the northeast, it was a "balmy" 14 degrees this morning when I woke up.Yikes! I am not quite ready for the frigid weather.

on Wednesday, December 6th, Valerie said

What a gorgeous photograph!!

I recently discovered your page, and I enjoy it. Sent ya a personal e-mail Friday or Saturday I think to an address I saw at the bottom of one of your pages. Will you let me know on here if you didn't get it? - the girl from KY :cool:

on Wednesday, December 6th, Elise said

Hi Willow, I'd love 14 degree weather if we had some snow to go with it!

And Valerie,
I haven't received an email from you yet, my inbox keeps going over quota and I'm getting TONS of I'm sorry for anyone who has sent me an email recently that hasn't heard back from me, I probably never received it.

on Thursday, December 7th, greg said

I think we're in that alike weather pattern: upper 40s down to 30s. I prefer the 40s-50s range, but last week with our snow storm we rarely got above the freezing mark! Lots of super snow and my kids had 2 snow days and 2 late starts! ... weird for the end of Autumn!!

Enough about the weather ... when you gonna post some new art?! :D

on Thursday, December 7th, Elise said

snow days are the best!

as for new art... WAH!

I need to just start putting paint down and not worry about big themes or anything like that.

How's the art work going on your end?

on Thursday, December 7th, Valerie said

Ok - thanks for your response - I just gave a whirl and resent the e-mail. Have a good Friday!

on Friday, December 8th, Bea said

But aren't we who check for new posts every time we sit at the computer more lame? I do like getting the snapshots of your life from your blog.

on Saturday, December 9th, Elise said

Hi Valerie! I did get the email the second time you sent it. It's MUCH better if you put "hi Elise" or something like that in the subject line because I pretty much delete everything that isn't from an email address I don't recognize because I get so much spam. Anyway, I'll try to write back as soon as I have some free time.

And BEA! Howdy! Are you going to go back to Nebraska for Christmas this year? I am staying put but I will be even more sad about not going "home" if you and the clan were going to be there.

on Sunday, December 10th, Kasia said

Great photo - again:)))
I am happy for your creativity time - keep on going. And don't worry about blogging - it just comes and goes. ( Actually I got back to blogging, but in...Polish...)

on Sunday, December 10th, Elise said

Hi Kasia!
I'm happy to hear that you're back to blogging again, even if I won't be able to understand what you're writing about any more.

Please stop by here to say hi from time to time and let us know what you've been up to!

on Monday, December 11th, Kasia said

Sure I'm gonna stop by! How could I not?? :) :) :)