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12/10/2006: "Life in the Last Frontier?"

I've never been much for making or keeping social plans. If someone asked me to go out my standard reply was "maybe"...or, "we'll see". I used to let a lot of people down by agreeing to do something only to change my mind at the last minute so I just quit saying "yes" to anything concrete.

My friends (the hardy ones who stuck around) all accepted this and I was free to disappear into my studio for weeks or months at a time with no permanent loss of friendship as a result. The new PC me, (Post-Centralia) has been sustaining an unprecedented level of regularly scheduled outings with friends from every area of my life, which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates, movies, lectures, parties, gallery openings, concerts, and dances. I have hung out and spoken with more people in the past 6 months than in the previous 6 years.

And, it has been fun. A LOT of fun. But I can't help worrying about sustainability. I know I've said this before but, having fun takes a lot of energy. Being interesting and coming up with things to talk about and finding new places to go and things to do can be exhausting.

That said, this weekend was excellent and well worth the effort. Friday night Aaron and I put on our fanciest duds and went to a dress-up party where I met (all new) and interesting people and only marginally embarrassed myself when halfway through the night I realized my shirt was on inside out. Of course, I didn't have to loudly announce it to everyone! (I'm learning social graces somewhat slowly).

Sat. afternoon I met an estranged friend for lunch and I believe we were able to patch things up (a word of warning is *not* the best medium for discussing difficult personal issues, no matter how smooth at texting you've become!).

Sat. night Aaron and I went to the University's huge 50th Anniversary Party...which was also a big dance where they played music from a different generation every hour, starting with the 50s at 7, 60s at 8...on up to hip hop from midnight to 1. We danced a lot, and I stayed up very very very late...

Then this morning Rob came by for Chelsea V. Arsenal (soccer) at 6.50am! (Tied score but fun though all the lattes in the world couldn't erase the fact I'd only had 30 minutes of sleep). Then Aaron and I lazed about all afternoon doing nothing at all which is my very favorite thing to not do.

Maren came by tonight and fixed me a wonderful healthy organic dinner accompanied with ample "girl talk" (thanks Maren). After which I had a long, interesting conversation with a neighbor who has become a new friend...I swear, if I keep this up I'll probably never paint again (and possibly won't even miss it)!

Nah, that will never happen.

filler-up (92k image)

Anyway, I took this shot out my living room window this morning of the gas station across the street from my house. Notice the man filling up his snow machine! The little red building off to the right is the new espresso stand that started up about a month ago. It's all decorated with Christmas lights and looks like a little gingerbread house. Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in Douglas?

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on Monday, December 11th, Kasia said

I would also love living in Douglas! These mountains are great! And what a nice winter you're having. :)

on Monday, December 11th, Daniel North said

Fantastic post!

on Monday, December 11th, Elise said

hi Kasia, we have been having a nice winter, though you can see from the above photo that the snow is melting and looks a bit grubbier than normal (it has really warmed up this past week)...still, I'm hoping for more fresh snow soon.

And thanks Daniel, I feel like some of these long winded "i did this, and then I did this, blah blah blah..." are so boring but I like writing it all down.

It's fun to be able to go through the archives and figure out when a certain event happened etc. I've always kept a journal for example. I was just going through the last paper journal I ever kept. It ended the same month I started my blog, back in 2003!

on Monday, December 11th, subi said

you have never had trouble being interesting or coming up with chatter! miss you sounds like life has been really wonderful for you lately! hooray! I love the name Maren btw, that was Bravehearts girlfriend :D i considered it as a name for Stella! Alas, her middle name is Maris! Maren seems really cool too!

on Monday, December 11th, marja-leena said

You sound very happy!

on Monday, December 11th, Elise said

Hey Subi, "chatter" eh?
And you know what I mean about having to be "on" to a certain extent, when you're around new people and you can't totally relax.

But yes, life has been good lately...and I like Maren too (the name and the person) she's a good friend!

And Hi Marja-leena! I am happy (wow, imagine that!).

on Monday, December 11th, dad said

is that sign (in picture)right gas 296.00 yeks an ak is suspose to have all that oil on the North slope :rolleyes: :O :angry:

on Monday, December 11th, Elise said

Hi dad,
Sorry I didn't call you back yesterday, as you can see...I was away from home most of the weekend and the rest of the time I had guests.

I will call you soon though...and...out of curiosity, how much is a gallon of unleaded in O'Neill?

on Tuesday, December 12th, dad said

Ethenall reg 229.9 see we get a little cheper because of our corn :laugh: :laugh:

on Tuesday, December 12th, Elise said

Ah yes, Ethenol...I forgot about that, I don't think we have that option here.

229 is really cheap though!