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12/21/2006: "Today's the WHAT?"

Today it was snowing like crazy on my drive into work (OK, when isn't it!??) but it was a heavy, wet slushy snow...and my car seemed jerky and weird but I kept going because I thought it was the thick slushy snow or maybe a problem with the 4 wheel drive which made a suspicious snapping sound as I backed out over my 4 foot snow berm.

It got progressively worse as I got out towards the university. When I got within a half mile of campus, my tracker was really going nuts. I had to steer like crazy, I had very little control, I was scared to pull over because I had a huge intimidating truck right on my ass, and I wasn't able to get out of third sucked.

I finally made it to campus and was sure something had gone terribly wrong with my truck. It turns out I was driving on a flat tire. I mean, ALL THE WAY flat. I have no idea how long it had been that flat, hopefully not for my whole ride out to campus.

And of course, I was wearing my cutest holiday outfit today, nice shoes, short woolen skirt and my favorite snowflake sweater...I was so bummed, I called Aaron for help (I hate being such a girl) but he wasn't able to get away from work. But then I remembered I had my workout clothes for racquetball I changed clothes, and then I changed the tire (all by myself).

Campus is really deserted during Intersession so there were no white knights around to save me, and I'm so glad that there weren't. It took me 45 minutes and one false start (when I put the jack in the wrong place and cracked some plastic molding)...but other than that I think I did an excellent job; it made me feel very competent.

In other news, my adorable little neice Jordan is in the hospital with Influenza and pnemonia. Poor thing. I'll have to send her a little something special this year. So far I have only mailed one measly package. I am *so* far behind. How did it get so late?

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on Friday, December 22nd, Kasia said

You are my hero! I would never ever change a tire!!! I 'd cry for help and pretended I were a stupid girl who can't handle without a guy!
P.S. I am always late with buying presents, so don't worry. It's normal . :)

on Friday, December 22nd, holly said

Who rocks all corners of ass? YOU!

I kind of forgot to send cards this year. I just noticed last night that a gift I made for a dear friend of mine is sitting right next to my desk. I worked forever making it and then forgot to box it and send it? Hmmm.

Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and a lovely Christmas, Elise!

on Saturday, December 23rd, berry bowman connell said

first off, I have no idea if my blog is still my blog. They have been whining at us all to switch to their "new and improved" blog thingie, but, the task took its toll on m'time and wit's end.


As fer the tire stuff, Good Job!
And, I suspect you did the most intelligent thing to do after y'got home, didn't ya?
That would be, pack a small box into the car with the appropriate items needed fer emergencies.
Lighter or Matches
Pint of Crown Royal
an extra pair of Coveralls, extra warm
Boots and Wool socks.

Merry Christmas, Elise and sick niece.

on Sunday, December 24th, marja-leena said

Good for you, elise!

I hope your niece gets better quick and is home for Christmas. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

on Sunday, December 24th, Anastasia said

You totally rock my world for changing your own flat tire... I wouldn't know where to start :P

Anyway, I just dropped by to wish you happy holidays... I kind of share that How did it get to be so late? feeling. I hope you are having a great time :)

on Sunday, December 24th, Judy Vars said

I'd change my tire but feel resentful the whole time because where is my white night. Anyway you go girl! And I wish you the best Christmas may all your dreams come true.
You're such a girl :laugh:

on Monday, December 25th, greg said

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Elise! (you too Holly, where ever you are) and elveryone else too!

I'm more amazed besides changing that tire, that you changed yer clothes in snowy freezing weather to do it!!! :crazy: brrrr! lol

on Tuesday, January 2nd, Elise said

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year right back at ya all!