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12/26/2006: "I'm Back!"

Hi everyone, thanks for all the Birthday and Christmas well wishes. I've been in Gustavus without Internet access and just got back into town tonight. Wow, I had a really perfect vacation. I'm incredibly tired and going to bed early tonight...but I'll post some photos and tell all about my first Christmas in the Alaskan Bush tomorrow.

Until then, I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday break and had a chance to relax and laze about as much as I did!

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on Thursday, December 28th, Kasia said

I still have that chance - no work till Tuesday:)
How does it feel to be without Internet for a few days? It would kill me, I guess.. :laugh:
Anyway, I can't wait to see your photos!

on Thursday, December 28th, Elise said

I have off until Tuesday or Wednesday as well.


Being without Internet for several days was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Going without a shower for that long...that was a little tougher!


on Saturday, December 30th, subi said

so you were in the 'real' bush! haha...can't wait to hear more about it! and see some pics!

on Monday, January 1st,">RR said

Happy New Year to you Elise. All the best for 2007 and lets hope it's a great year for you. x

on Tuesday, January 2nd, Elise said

Hi Subi, I've been neglectful yet again, I'll get to those photos soon!


All the best for you in 2007, here's to making some of the best work of our lives.

on Tuesday, January 2nd, RR said

Yep, thanks Elise. I'm still reading even if I'm not writing at the moment (spam totally broken the blog). But I do want to get more into my art, it would be good to be able to concentrate on it more. Good resolution for 2007 for me I think. :)

on Tuesday, January 2nd, Elise said

Well, thanks for still reading RR, god knows I've been boring lately, and not posting much at all. I'm still hanging in other resolution is to keep this site updated better.

Since spam broke your old blog, maybe you could start up a new one in blogger or something like that. It's free and super easy. I miss your posts!