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01/03/2007: "BE IT RESOLVED..."

Driven by new-year induced self-loathing and a complete denial of my financial reality…I signed up for an expensive gym membership this afternoon. I have someone to play racquetball with a couple times a week and I can’t play without a membership.

I also signed up for a women’s soccer league. It’s the “Classic” league, often lovingly referred to as the “Old Women’s League”…which is fine by me, as I’ve never played before and I’m still not clear what the rules are.

I also still have a season pass at the Eaglecrest ski resort which I haven’t been taking full advantage of but intend to start again once we get some fresh snow.

My new strategy is to get fit doing fun stuff, rather than doing the treadmill or stationary bike…which are boring as hell. It’s kind of a Spare No Expense attempt at taking better care of myself, and what better time to start?

Having a clean pantry helps too; I can actually find things in there now and I want to start preparing my own lunches and cook more in general (which is healthier and tends to save $$$) so maybe things will even out a bit. The way I look at it, money spent today will pay dividends in the future when I have fewer trips to the doctor for couch-potato related health issues.

alias-elise (25k image)

Ha ha, speaking of getting shape, some of you long-time readers may remember this photo of me from June 05...actually, a photo of my face on Jennifer Garner's body (from Alias) back when I was sooooo gung-ho about kickboxing. I will never look like her but I still find it inspirational!

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on Monday, January 8th, marja-leena said

Happy New Year, Elise!

Now this is off-topic, but I remember your struggles with cleaning brushes and thought of you when I read about leaving them in linseed oil:

on Monday, January 8th, Elise said

Hi Marja-Leena,
thanks for the link, I'm trying to get better about this, and these suggestions will really help.


on Monday, January 8th, berry bowman connell said

...though I have no idea if'n you can get there from here.
I fired up on the new blog offer (I dunno if I'm no longer beta or I just started to be beta...) so, if y'visit and there's a lot of dust everywhere and there's cobwebs hanging on the walls, well, that doesn't mean anything, cause I'm still a bachelor and some things never change. But, if the date's real old, try harder t'find the new place.

Then again, I lost m'camera cable (t'get pix off the camera and onto the 'puter) so, lately, I've only been posting words. I here taking up space, or do I have something t'contribute?
Get rid of yer chairs wherever y'can.
Standing burns so many calories in a good way you could find yerself losing up t'

Y'know. Just recently I've been told I kind have a strange way of walking...
A strange way of walking...into a minefield, that is.
While Angels tremble where fools wlak in, I be the kins of guy who isn't even tip-toeing in...
No, I'm STOMPING in with big ol' clown shoes on....
Usually don't even know it till shtuff hits the fan.

But, in any case, there's good science behind the "standing " theory, and it has actually made its way into some really big offices where now, instead of a desk and chairs, there's a central table, 'puter set up high enough t'work on, usually fruits and healthy snack stuff hanging around....

Truthfully, I always did like the teachers who stood...
specially the pretty ones, like you.

on Monday, January 8th, berry bowman connell said

...oh yeah.
about the hair color....

I know it was a cut and paste number, but, would it be too personal t'ask....
If y'colored yer hair THAT color.....
would it be ALL yer hair?