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02/14/2007: "Romeo Must Die?"

So, our resident black wolf Romeo is back in the news. For those of you who never heard back, the DNA results of that other black wolf that was killed turned out not to be Romeo and two people were arrested in conjunction with his death.

The real Romeo is back out near the Mendenhall Glacier and it's sparking a huge controversy here in Juneau. Some people think that he should be killed before he attacks another small dog or maybe even a child. Others (including me) think that people should respect the space of wild animals and keep their pets on a leash (as is the city ordinance) and keep their small children away from the area when Romeo is about...not let their dogs play with him and get up as close as possible to pet and take photos.

He's a WILD animal people!

Here is a discussion on the Juneau Empire's blog on the issue...over 71 comments so far, and counting.

Replies: 7 Comments

on Wednesday, February 14th, Jim L said

So, since when have Californians been moving up to Juneau? (I haven't read the comments, but the "other" side (i.e. killing Romeo) but it does sound like Californians and killing the cougars that have the effrontery of staying where they are while Los Angeles takes over the whole countryside.

Or is that rather a native Alaskan attitude? Kill whatever and whenever (to baldly characterize)? Jus' askin'...

on Wednesday, February 14th, Elise said

Hi Jim!
No, I think most Alaskans live here because they love the wilderness and respect nature etc. There is a lot of hunting and fishing etc. but in general it has more to do with subsistance than just killing for fun.

But there are idiots everywhere, and Alaska is no exception.

on Thursday, February 15th, willow said

Hi Elise! I agree with you, it's a wild animal, not the freakin' local dog park where all the dogs have to play nice with each other!

on Monday, February 19th, Kasia said

I am sending some good fluids toward Romeo, I love wolves! They are beautiful and independant. Totally free.

on Tuesday, February 20th, Shelley said

Dear Elise,
I am participating in a creative project this month called "Create-A-Thing-A-Day" (, and was asked to send an image of a green cat to someone's friend. (It's kind of a long story.) I couldn't find a green cat that I liked, but I did find an image of yours that I liked, so created this:

Usually I like to ask FIRST, but I was kind of in a rush yesterday... I hope it's all cool. And I hope the Muse whomps ou upside the head soon and gets you painting again!

on Tuesday, February 20th, Elise said

Hi Willow, I agree!

And Kasia, I'm not sure "good fluids" translates well into English, though I'm sure it's a great saying polish!
And Shelley, no problem on using the image, good luck on your sounds fun!

on Sunday, March 4th, berry bowman connell said

Here there are usually half a dozen deers alongside the road between home and church, along with a plethora of skunks, possums, racoons along with at least three house-type pets.

My take on it is where mankind goes, all other life is in jeopardy.

I know this to be the unpopular stand, but for crying out loud!
The animal life here has tenure over mankind!
We should be sharing, not tearing apart everything that is natural and at home.

....but, of course, these words don't do the trick.
And as sad as that is, since it's the way of life....I hope Romeo finds good dinners in whatever he should come across.