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03/25/2007: "An unproductive weekend?"

Well, I had (yet again) a list of goals for the weekend, things I felt were very important to accomplish, and (yet again) I didn’t get to many of them. Instead I read Ultrametabolism which I recommend to anyone trying to lose weight or become healthier. It’s all about returning to a diet of whole foods and why all the processed crap with its fake fat and artificial sugars etc. is making people in the US and elsewhere fat and ill. It’s an *excellent* book. It’s fun buying whole foods (grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, beans, etc.) and making tasty dishes that fill you up and keep you energetic for hours on end.

Yesterday Aaron and I went for a long walk to Douglas Harbor and along Sandy Beach and ended with a little hike through the Treadwell Mine...then this afternoon we did a section of the Treadwell Ditch trail that starts a block from home. It was incredibly steep and scary in parts (even with snowshoes) but Aaron is a great guide and even though we went off trail he got us back down safely again.

On the walk home from the end of the trailhead we went past a neighbor’s house and they happened to be looking out the window and waved us in. We got to see amazing photos from when they brought their 36 foot sailboat up to Juneau from Vancouver BC. It made me realize how much I’d like to do a trip like that sometime, and the 4 of us planned some smaller overnighter trips to take together this summer.

Speaking of which, thinking of spring and summer camping and bonfires, and overnight sailing trips…has me filled with hope and happiness and a general sense of well-being.

Tonight, after a hearty meal of Egyptian lentils and long grain rice and after a long cuddle on the couch, I’m ready to say goodbye to another “unproductive” weekend. For a slacker though, I feel pretty damned good.

(btw, Friday night we watched Flash Gordon which was even more fantastic than I remembered...he saved everyone of us you know!)

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on Sunday, March 25th, Judy Vars said

weekends are make for slackin with your boyfriend. I'll check that book.

on Monday, March 26th, Rod said

Flash Gordon, with soundtrack by Queen sounds like a great way to enjoy the weekend! :P

on Monday, March 26th, Elise said

I agree Judy, I've just been slackin a lot these days...
And Rod, the soundtrack is the best part of Flash Gordon don't cha think?

What a great movie!!!

on Monday, March 26th, Kasia said

I also love the idea of whole grain. No more white rice, sauces from the shop, supermarkets. My choice is our market, where I can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and all the kind of unprocessed food. :)
Let's create a club or something!
Hey, it's spring here in Poland!!!And i feel so alive!
P.S. Who's Flash Gordon?

on Tuesday, March 27th, Daniel North said

So the harddrive on my laptop died it's final death and I had to get a new one and start over... why am I telling you this? Because your blog was the first one I re-added to my bookmarks after reinstalling windows, etc. Enjoy your new lease on life but keep the paintings coming. (Imagine the sound of a cracking whip.)

on Tuesday, March 27th, Elise said

Hi think of a name for the club and I'll join!
As for Flash Gordon, it's a movie from the early 80s based on a comic book character. It's considered a "classic" here. The soundtrack is by the band Queen and was totally awesome!

And hi Daniel, bummer to hear about your laptop, but I feel flattered to be bookmarked by you! Thanks for the cracking whip sound, I need a little tough love in that area!

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